What Do I Do After a Pharmacy Overdose in Oklahoma


Helping Those Harmed By Medication Errors

A pharmacy overdose in Oklahoma can lead to very serious personal injury. When your pharmacist hands you your prescription, you expect that prescription to help you. But what if it causes you to overdose or causes you or a loved one other harm or even death? If you or a family member have been harmed by a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist’s negligent medication error in Oklahoma, contact our overdose and pharmacy negligence lawyers for a free consultation.

What Responsibilities Do Medical Personnel Have In Prescribing Medication?

As a layperson, no one expects you to understand what prescription drug you need or how much of it you need. You rely on doctors, pharmacists, and other professionals to make sure that you get the right drug and that you are told the right amount to take. These medical personnel are also responsible for knowing what medicines could negatively interact with drugs you are already taking. And they should know and warn you about possible side effects. But all too often, the people we rely on make mistakes—mistakes that can cause personal injury and even death.

What Are Some Common Pharmaceutical Errors?

Are you concerned that a medication error may have harmed you or a loved one? Consider the following common errors, and ask yourself:

  • Did your pharmacist give you a medication meant for another patient or give you instructions intended for another patient? These mix-ups happen, and the results can be catastrophic.
  • Did the pharmacist give you un-prescribed medication? They may have misread your doctor’s instructions, with potentially disastrous consequences.
  • Was the drug right but the dosage wrong? If so, you may have suffered massive side effects (if the dosage was too high), or you may have found the drug ineffective (if the dosage was too low).
  • Were you given a drug that reacted with another medication that you were taking or that you were allergic to? Your medical provider may have failed to consider possible drug interactions or your allergies to medicine.
  • Did your doctor prescribe a medication that treats a condition you don’t have? They may have misdiagnosed you.
  • Were you given the wrong medicine or the wrong dose of medication while you were hospitalized? Hospital staff may have misread your chart.

If you or a loved one has lived through one of these scenarios, you may have a claim against your doctor, pharmacist, or other medical provider based on their negligent medication error. There are national standards for pharmacy care and deviations there from are indications of wrongdoing.

Can’t I Just Sue These People On My Own?

You certainly have that right. But Oklahoma medication error cases are often highly complex, both in the law that applies to them and in uncovering the facts that may be buried in stacks of medical records. For example,

  • Oklahoma law requires making a report to the medical provider’s licensing board within sixty days.
  • A medication error claim must generally be filed within two years.
  • Discovering critical facts in medication error cases often requires extensive time and expertise in sifting through mountainous medical records.
  • The medical professional and their insurer will undoubtedly have lawyers with expertise in medication error cases.

You don’t have to go it alone. Rely on our expertise in handling medication error claims.

Take Action On Your Medication Error Claim Now

The lawyers at Kania Law Office know the Oklahoma laws that apply to these cases, and we’re skilled in wading through medical records to find the incriminating facts that providers often bury. If a medication error has harmed you or a loved one, don’t wait. Oklahoma law gives only a limited time to bring your claim, and the more time passes, the harder it is to prove your claim. Act now to seek justice and prevent the same harm from happening to others.

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