Injury Accidents in Parking Lots


Injury Accidents in Parking Lots | Tulsa Injury Attorney |  Injury accidents in parking lots are common types of accidents. Many people naturally dread parking lots, decks, and garages. Parking spots are all around dangerous places to be, for you and your vehicle. Our personal injury attorneys are prepared to handle all types of injury accidents in parking lots.  For example, we offer consultations for injury accidents in parking lots including slip and falls, fender benders, road rage incidents, assaults in parking garages, and even hit and run accidents in parking lots.

Reasons For Injury Accidents in Parking Lots:

As urban retail centers spring up across Oklahoma, and more and more cars and trucks hit the roads, we have to expect an increased frequency of injury accidents in parking lots.  With the growing popularity of cell phones and other electronic devices, the one thing we do not see more of in parking lots is careful attentive drivers!

Drivers in parking lots may be less concerned with injury accidents in parking lots because of low speed limits, but accidents at lower speeds do not prevent severe injuries.  Pedestrians may be pinned between multiple cars, or they may be struck by a vehicle with own minor bumps and bruises, only to find themselves seriously injured as they strike their head on the paved parking lot.  Parking lot injuries can be life threatening, especially if a small child is involved.

Protecting Your Self From Injury Accidents in Parking Lots:

In any injury accidents in parking lots, you can take certain steps to protect yourself in the event litigation follows.  The first step is to report the accident to the appropriate authorities.  If someone is injured, an ambulance should be called and a police report should be filed.  Use your hazard lights and make sure your car is out of harm’s way.  Take photos or video of the accident scene, and take good note of names and numbers of all involved, including license plate numbers.  Use your phone to take pictures, this will also help you accurately record the time and place of the accident.  If other drivers are involved, you will need to collect insurance information at the scene, and report the accident to your insurance agent later.  If your insurance company wants a recorded statement, you should ask to wait until you can speak with your attorney.

Injury Accidents in Parking Lots Attorney:

You should not hesitate to retain a personal injury attorney if you were hurt in a parking lot accident. Experienced accident attorneys can put their skills to work for you.  There may be many legal issues at play, such as negligence suits, insurance claims, premises liability concerns, and even criminal charges.  Skilled legal counsel will investigate all aspects of the case and preserve important evidence.  For example, parking lot surveillance cameras may have crucial shots of your accident, but if not preserved quickly, the footage may be lost forever.

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