Knee Injuries Caused at Work


Knee Injuries Caused at Work are covered by your employers workers compensation insurance. Knee Injuries are an extremely common injury in the workplace.  This is even more true if your job is of a physical nature such as construction, fire fighting, EMS, etc.  Knee injuries generally average to a total cost of $20,000 once all medical expenses and recovery is complete.  As a result, many people cannot afford the proper treatment from their own pocket for a knee injury caused at work.  However, this is also the point of workers’ compensation insurance and claims. Knee Injuries Caused at Work like most other injuries that occur at work are covered by your employers insurance.

Understanding Knee Injuries Caused at Work

Knees are one of the most active joints in the human body.  Thus, it is no surprise that a series of tendons and muscles surround the knee and aidKnee Injuries Caused at Work movement.  Further, because of this set of tendons suffering a cartilage tear is also common.  You may tear or strain your meniscus, ACL, or other tendons or muscles surrounding the knee.  Having an ACL tear is one of the more harmful injuries.  It can destabilize your knee and make walking, standing, and lifting difficult.  A meniscus tear is a very common injury also.  It may result in the bones of your knee rubbing against each other.

Results of knee injuries sometimes include the need for surgery, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and time off work.  If the injury is severe enough you may even face time with crutches or in a wheelchair.  As a result, you could face days and even weeks off work in an attempt to recover.


Knee Injuries Covered by Workers Comp

If you are on the job and performing your job duties when you receive a knee injury, you are eligible for workers comp.  Further, under Title 85(A) §35, and employer must have workers comp insurance in place.  Once you file your claim, you could be eligible for medical treatment, lost wages, and a settlement.  You should report your injury as soon as you notice it.  There is a 2 year statute of limitations for reporting and filing your claim to the Workers Compensation Commission.

Importance of Legal Representation

Unfortunately, many times employers and insurers will attempt to avoid making payments on claims.  They’ll attempt to prove your injury is not from your work related duties.  Don’t let this stop you from getting your medical bills paid and getting any disability payments they owe you.  A workers comp attorney can help you ensure your claim goes through.  Our workers comp attorneys can help you with Knee Injuries Caused at Work. Call 918.743.2233 for free information.

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