Shoulder Injuries at Work

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries at work are among the most common injuries employees suffer.  This is due to the constant and repetitive use by shoulders in order to complete most jobs in any setting.  Some doctors will have nearly 300 patients annually come to their office for shoulder injuries at work. This article will explain more about your options when it comes to receiving a shoulder injury at work.

Anatomy of the Shoulder and Injuries

The shoulder blade is the only joint on the human body that is a moving platform.  As a result, there are four small muscles that attach the shoulder joint to the blade.  This stabilizes the shoulder for the repetitive movements of your work.  However, this makes the should susceptible to medical issues such as tendonitis, tears or rips in the muscles, and even in some cases arthritis.

The main shoulder injuries workers experience is the rotator cuff.  When a worker injures their rotator cuff, then it means the cartilage in the shoulder tears.  Therefore, simple things like lifting your arm above your head, brushing your hair, or even using a toothbrush can be painful.  There are medical treatments such as injections, daily anti-inflammatory pills, or braces that may help.  However, cartilage tears often require surgery.

Rights for Shoulder Injuries under Workman’s Comp

In order to claim your benefits under workman’s comp, you must follow a process.  First, you should notify your supervisor from the moment you realize you have an injury.  Second, you will want to file an accident report through the proper channels in your workplace.  This needs to be in writing and you should keep a copy for yourself.  Third, you will request medical treatment for your injury.  Again, you should put this in writing if at all possible.  Finally, you will contact a lawyer to help you file your Form 3 requests.


How Attorneys Help

It’s important to have legal counsel help you through the workers compensation filing process.  This will safeguard your rights and ensure you don’t sign any waivers letting the company off the hook.  Further, the employer has the right to choose which medical doctor you see for your injuries.  In some cases, the injuries are played down in order to lower the insurance and benefit payments.  This is why you will want a lawyer on your side.  An attorney will ensure that you get the medical treatment and benefits you need and deserve.

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