Closed Head Injuries At Work in Oklahoma

How Workers' Compensation Works

Head injuries at work in Oklahoma are covered by the states workers compensation insurance. Any work-related injury can be devastating and even life-altering for you and your family. But often, these injuries can be fixed, and you will heal. But what about the invisible injuries that stick with you forever? Many people suffer from closed head injuries at work, and no one will ever know because they aren’t visible. The important thing about a work injury is that you follow the States rules for reporting the injury and that you get legal representation to protect your legal right to medical care and compensation due you.

What Is A Closed Head Injury?

A closed head injury may also be known as a traumatic brain injury. These types of injuries occur to the brain without breaking or penetrating the skull. Usually, they result from rapid or forceful head movement. It causes the brain to move or shake within the skull, which can lead to bruising and tearing of brain tissue and blood vessels.

Closed head injuries can be hard to notice if you are not the one suffering the pain. Some common symptoms of closed head injuries are:

  • headaches,
  • dizziness,
  • confusion,
  • slurred speech,
  • memory problems,
  • speech issues,
  • balance problems,
  • paralysis, or
  • weakness.

It is vital to seek medical attention immediately if you have suffered a closed head injury. Once you report the work injury to your employer there are things they must do.

Common Causes of Workplace Closed Head Injuries

Many types of closed head injuries occur differently and need slightly different treatment. Medical professionals will run tests to determine which type of closed head injury you have suffered and treat it properly.

To properly determine the type of closed head injury, you must provide your medical providers with exact information to the best of your ability and recollection. If a coworker saw the incident, it may be helpful to have them come with you to seek medical treatment, so they can tell the story.

Common Causes of Closed Head Injuries in Oklahoma

Vehicle Accidents

Driving is a part of many employees’ workday. Many Oklahomans drive daily for their jobs, such as delivery people and truck drivers. They cover thousands of miles on the road. It is a common cause of workplace closed head injuries due to the frequency of drivers and the commonality of automobile accidents at work. Due to the high speed of the crashes and the traumatic injuries it usually causes, vehicle accidents are the number one cause of workplace closed head injuries.

Slip And Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident is also very common in the workplace. In a slip and fall accident, an employee slips and falls on slick material or damaged floorboards. Even if the employer maintains the premises, they may fail to survey the area routinely or respond promptly to alerts of spills, uneven floors, or broken structures. The result is a workplace injury.


Although construction accidents are usually contained to a specific industry, they are still one of the leading causes of closed head injuries in the workplace. At a construction site, employees use heavy machinery and lift or hoist large, heavy materials in the air. Many precautions are in place to prevent injuries, but accidents do happen.

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