Rainy Day Driving Tips To Keep You Safe On Oklahoma Highways

Rainy Day Driving Tips

Following certain rainy day driving tips can help to keep you safe on Oklahoma roads during times of inclement weather. Roads and highways are already dangerous places without the additional introduction of hazardous weather conditions. However, there are always steps that drivers can take to protect themselves on the road, even on a rainy day. Read on for our top 10 safety tips for rainy days. If you’ve already been injured in a car accident, don’t hesitate to contact Kania Law Office by clicking here or calling 918-743-2233 for assistance.

1. Slow Down If You Can

It is a good idea to slow your normal speed by at least 5-10 miles per hour when it rains or the roads are still wet. Visibility can be reduced in the rain, and this reality, combined with wet roads, can increase your braking time. Speeding in the rain can cause a vehicle to rapidly go out of control. Another easy way to stay safe in the rain is by increasing the space (and, ultimately, braking time) between you and the car in front of you. For example, instead of following a vehicle by at least three seconds, follow them by six seconds, or add a car length or two between your vehicle and theirs. Its important to remember that if you are in a car accident and its raining outside there is a chance the Police Officer will write tickets for speeds that are unsafe for the weather condition.

2. Use Headlights And Safety Signals

Some drivers don’t like to use turn signals, headlights, and other safety precautions unless doing so is absolutely necessary. If rain is coming down hard, this is one of the times when these safety precautions are absolutely necessary. Always remember and be prepared for other drivers who may miss this chance to avoid accidents during times of rainy and wet road conditions.

3. Learn What To Do If You Hydroplane

Hydroplaning, or skidding on water, is a scary and dangerous experience. Often times conditions that lead to hydroplaning aren’t always easy to detect. Depending on the road itself, even small amounts of water on the road surface can add to the chance of hydroplaning. Many traffic collisions result from hydroplaning situations. The worst thing to do is to brake hard and try to pull over to avoid hitting other drivers, as this isn’t the safe way to deal with a hydroplane. Instead, keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and keep it as straight as possible. Don’t brake hard or accelerate. Instead, ride out a hydroplane carefully as you regain control of the vehicle.

4. Don’t Drive In Flood Zones

In some Oklahoma areas, it’s common for heavy rainfall to cause floods that require road closures. If a driver attempts to traverse these areas in the rain, their vehicle could become inoperable and may even require removal by emergency responders. In Oklahoma we try to live by the mantra turn around and don’t drown. This situation is dangerous for the driver, passengers, and emergency responders. Avoid these flood zones when it is raining to keep everyone safer. You can find areas in Oklahoma that are prone to flooding here.

5. Be Especially Cautious Of Drivers Around You

Defensive driving is a method taught early on in driver education courses because avoiding an accident and injury is far more important than “being right” in a situation with a dangerous driver in another car. You should always be observant of other drivers on the road, but it’s crucial to be even more vigilant when it’s raining. This effort could help you to mitigate an accident or avoid one altogether. Moreover, by avoiding unsafe drivers you enhance your chances of limiting serious personal injury to yourself or property damage to your cat.

6. Check Your Vehicle Before Starting Your Drive

If you look out the window and see rain, it is a good day to review your vehicle before starting your commute. Make sure that your tires have enough tread to drive safely. Insufficient tread on your tires is even more dangerous in the rain than usual. You should also check to make sure that your headlights and windshield wipers are working properly. In particular if you are driving someone else car in the rain take a second to inspect the safety equipment of the vehicle you are borrowing. This includes that the vehicle has proper insurance and that the registration is up to date.

7. Use The Defroster

Even if your windshield isn’t foggy yet, it is often a good idea to use the defroster to avoid the risk of developing reduced visibility on the road in the rain. Check the vehicle instruments to make sure any side and back window defrosters are also turned on and operating.

8. Avoid Sudden Braking And Acceleration

These behaviors make it more likely that your vehicle will skid out of control and make it harder for other drivers to anticipate your movements and avoid collisions. Before driving in the rain take a second to think about how safe the braking system on your car is when the roads are wet.

9. Stay Away From Large Trucks And Buses

Drivers of these vehicles have a harder time maintaining control in the rain because their vehicles are massive and can’t brake and turn precisely, even in dry conditions. Also, these vehicles can cause large splashes that temporarily block your vision. When you are dealing with a truck accident in Oklahoma its important to gather all the evidence needed to win your case. Trucks and commercial vehicles are held to rules of the road that can be different than what they are for the normal driver.

10. Don’t Use Cruise Control

Cruise control is convenient but can cause problems in the rain. Cruise control could cause your vehicle to accelerate when the conditions require it to brake or vice versa. Save this feature for long stretches of flat, straight driving in temperate conditions.

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