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Oklahoma Burn Injuries cause horrible injuries each year. In Oklahoma, it is common for teenagers and young adults to work in the fast food industry.  Oftentimes this requires handling hot grease and other

scalding substances which may result in accidental burn injuries.  Oklahoma State Department of Health statistics show that 17% of burn victims in restaurant work-related burns were under the age of 20.  For example, imagine a young man is cleaning a kitchen area in a restaurant and slips.  He falls onto deep fryer grease or hot oil.  This could result in significant burns across his body, and also several weeks of hospital treatment.  In a 2002 case, the Oklahoma Supreme Court allowed a woman to recover for burn injuries she suffered while working in the Tulsa Public Schools cafeteria.

Elements of Oklahoma Burn Injuries

While some injuries are not compensable under Workers’ Compensation laws, several are.  This is important because burns often take a lot of time to heal.  Burn injuries must meet certain criteria for you to receive compensation from your employer.  These are:

  1. You must be an employee;
  2. An injury of some type must occur;
  3. You must be acting in the course of your employment;
  4. The circumstances are normal in your employment duties; and
  5. You injury must result in an impairment of some type and/or lost wages.

If you, therefore receive burn injuries while working as a mechanic at an auto shop, a restaurant employee, or any other type of employment where burns are possible, you may be entitled to receive a settlement and medical expenses.

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