Birth Injuries and Negligence Laws

Birth Injuries

Many Oklahomans know of the legendary musician Leon Russell from Lawton.  But, what many do not know, is that Leon Russell was the victim of a birth injury that left his right side partially paralyzed.  While Leon Russell overcame his birth injury to become a famous artist, some people never overcome their birth injuries.  As a result, these victims will often suffer from ailments like cerebral palsy or permanent paralysis.  People suffering these types of birth injuries are eligible for some type of reparation under law.  This article explains more.

Types of Birth Injury

If a medical provider is not vigilant, it is possible for babies to face birth injuries.  Many times this is the temporary yet prolonged loss of oxygen or tooBirth Injuries much pressure on areas of the baby’s nerves during birth.  Negligent acts that cause birth injuries include:

– failure to perform a C-Section in a timely manner;

– failing to detect fetal distress;

– Forceps injuries to the child;

– Improper monitoring of a fetal heartbeat; and etc.

In some cases this causes lifetime injuries that a person must constantly strive to overcome.  However, in more severe cases, this will cause permanent disabilities that require on-going medical expenses and care.


Oklahoma Laws and Birth Injuries

 Oklahoma laws do apply to negligent medical providers resulting in a birth injury.  However, under Title 76 §18 a parent or guardian of the injured child must bring a lawsuit regarding the birth injury within 2 years of it happening.  Further, the parent needs to file a complaint with the proper licensing boards.  This means that a parent needs to file complaints with any medical boards through which the doctor, anesthesiologist, or nurse has a license.  Filing such complaints are often time consuming, but can be worth it.

Legal Counsel Can Simplify Things

Birth Injury cases are often highly emotional and difficult to see in a legal light for the parents of the children who suffer.  If you are pursuing a birth injury negligence case, it is recommended that you hire legal counsel to help you with the court filings.  Our attorneys also offer a free consultation. 918.743.2233.

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