What You Should Know About Oklahoma Rollover Accidents


Oklahoma Rollover accidents | Tulsa LawyersOklahoma rollover accidents often involve life threatening and sometimes fatal injuries.  Most of us have heard stories about horrible Oklahoma rollover accidents. This is a function of the severity of this type of accident.

Interestingly, most people associate roll-over accidents with SUVs. However, recent statistics suggest that under certain circumstances, anything from a sedan to a tractor-trailer can become vulnerable to a roll-over accident.  Accordingly, it is crucial to understand that although these accidents pose enormous risks to human life.  They can also present significant legal challenges for the victim. These include: (i) proving the necessary elements of one’s case and (ii), successfully establishing one’s entitlement to monetary damages for “pain and suffering”.

Rollover Accidents and Injury Law:

In light of the above, there are several FAQs of bringing forth a roll-over accident case in Oklahoma.  Knowing the risks and other factors of rollover accidents may help you plan for the worst.  As such, the most common FAQs are:

  1. How do rollover accidents occur & who is most susceptible to these types of accidents?

The majority of these types of accidents occur when a vehicle runs off of the road striking an object that “trips” it.  Since SUVs tend to be extremely top heavy, it makes them more vulnerable to rollover accidents.

  1. How do I demonstrate who and what caused my roll-over accident?

A personal injury attorney experienced in handling rollover accidents will investigate the facts of your case and consult with experts to help determine who is at fault for the accident.  Experts add significant value in car accident cases as they evaluate the scene of the accident, the injuries sustained by all people involved, and other telltale signs such as skid marks to establish liability.

  1. Can I still recover if I was partially at fault for my accident?

Yes.  Oklahoma is considered to be a modified comparative negligence state where both parties share fault. This means that if a person is less than 50% responsible for causing an accident, then he or she can receive a damages award.  However, the total amount of damages they receive will be reduce proportionally by their percentage of fault.

  1. If I choose to settle, how long will it take?

This depends.  If your accident incurs fatalities and/or severe injuries, it may take longer for all parties to be on the same page and agree to an appropriate settlement amount.  Thus, it is crucial to speak with an attorney who can review your case.

  1. What types of damages may I recover?

Personal injury victims may receive compensation for lost work, medical expenses, emotional trauma and pain and suffering.  For more information in this regard, it is recommended that you speak with an experienced Oklahoma car accident attorney to advise you as to the types of damages you should seek in your case.

Helping With Oklahoma Rollover Accidents:

All of these questions should be discussed with a skilled attorney capable of handling Oklahoma rollover accident cases.  Experienced  attorneys know full well the various challenges and nuances associated with successfully bringing forth a roll-over settlement.  If you or a loved one has been involved in a roll-over accident we can help you.

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