What to do if you’re injured at work


workers compensation lawyersWorkers compensation lawyers help injured workers navigate the law and get the treatment they deserve. When you suffer injuries in a work-related accident, there are certain things that you need to do that help insure your claim moves forward. You should always be careful about talking to the insurance company’s attorney. You only talk with them about your accident while in the presence of your workers compensation lawyer. You need time to accesses your injuries, to heal and eventually to recover. Things that you say and things that you do, even the most simple and honest, could impact the progress of your case.

Don’t be Fooled by The Insurance Company

Don’t allow insurance people to pretend to be on your side.  They represent the insurance company and their job is to reduce the insurance company’s costs. Never give a statement to an insurance representative without first getting legal advice.  Moreover, certainly do not attempt to negotiate a settlement as they will try to settle your case quickly and at the lowest cost. As expert negotiators their first offer will always be their lowest and not in your favor. When they call simply refer them to your attorney and give them our number to call.

You Are Entitled to Compensation For Your Work Injury

Workers in Oklahoma are subject to the Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Act.  This entitles them to receive compensation if they incur on the job injuries. There are several important things you should do in the aftermath of receiving injuries.  This not only to protect your claim, but also to maximize the benefits you receive. Broken bones, lacerations, and back, neck and head and shoulder injuries need immediate treatment.  You should seek a local hospital emergency room.  When injured at work go to the doctor. Do this either by car or by ambulance.  This not only to insure that you get the best possible medical treatment, but also to documents the particulars of the accident such as date, time, and the severity of your injuries.

Report The Injury To Your Employer

After seeking immediate medical attention, you need to make sure that you report the injury to your employer. This seems simple but can be one of the most important aspects of your case. Each employer has a different system for doing this and its important to follow the procedure. The State of Oklahoma requires that the injury is reported within a certain time. If it is not reported within the legal time to do so the claim may be in danger of being denied.

How Do I Get Medical Treatment

Once you report the injury the the adjuster from the insurance company will either deny or accept your claim. Its not unusual for the insurance company to move slowly and delay the treatment you need. Assuming the claim is accepted you will be entitled to see a doctor. The Doctor is one assigned by workers comp. This Doctor is required to diagnose you and refer you to what ever specialist your injury requires. The Doctor can also order work restrictions or take you off work depending on the severity of the injury.

Workers Compensation Lawyers Can Help

While the Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Act has streamlined much of the actual process of filing a worker’s compensation claim.  The claim itself is based on the severity of your injuries and the things that are done to get through the process. From reporting the injury on to getting treatment the process is very specific regarding the steps that must be followed. In many circumstances you are entitled to temporary disability while you are off work. And still in other circumstances the insurance company wont approve your claim or get you treatment. Taking care of this kind of problem is what a work injury attorney can help with. Get a free consultation with the Tulsa workers compensation lawyers at Kania Law Office 918.743.2233 or send us an email request for info.

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