What to do if you’re injured at work


workers compensation lawyersWhen you suffer injuries in a work-related accident, you should not talk with the insurance company’s attorney. You only talk with them about your accident only in the presence of your workers compensation lawyers. You need time to accesses your injuries, to heal and eventually to recover. In the days following your Oklahoma work accident an insurance company representative will be giving you a call.  The purpose is to catch you at a vulnerable time.  They try to get you to make a statement that they can later use against you to minimize your claim.

Don’t be Fooled be The Insurance Company:

Don’t allow insurance people to pretend to be on your side.  They represent the insurance company and their job is to reduce the insurance company’s costs. Never give a statement to an insurance representative.  Moreover, certainly do not attempt to negotiate a settlement as they will try to settle your case quickly and at the lowest cost. As expert negotiators their first offer will always be their lowest and not in your favor. When they call simply refer them to your attorney and give them our number to call. Other than that, exercise your right to remain silent. You need an attorney who has the experience in dealing with insurance company representatives and one who has the experience to maximize your benefits.

You Are Entitled to Compensation For Your Work Injury:

Workers in Oklahoma are subject to the Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Act.  This entitles them to receive compensation if they incur on the job injuries. There are several important things you should do in the aftermath of receiving injuries.  This not only to protect your claim, but also to maximize the benefits you receive. Broken bones, lacerations, and back, neck and head injuries need immediate treatment.  You should seek a local hospital emergency room.  When injured at work g to the doctor. Do this either by car or by ambulance.  This not only to insure that you get the best possible medical treatment, but also to documents the particulars of the accident such as date, time, and the severity of your injuries.

After seeking immediate medical attention, you or a loved one should call an experienced one of our Tulsa Oklahoma Workers Compensation lawyers to guide you through every step of the Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation claims process. You will need to fill out the appropriate forms to notify your employer of your accident, and also the insurance company will want you to make a sworn statement called a deposition.

Our firm has the experience and expertise in attending the deposition hearing with you to make sure that anything you say will be completely accurate and in your best interest . We’ll make sure that your employer receives proper notification in a timely manner of your work-related injury, that your statement to the insurance adjuster is accurate, and that you receive advisement as to exactly what to do every step of the way.

Workers Compensation Lawyers Can Help:

While the Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Act has streamlined much of the actual process of filing a worker’s compensation claim.  The claim itself is based on the severity of your injuries and is in every way a negotiated settlement. Don’t sell your injuries short. Many Oklahoma Workers Compensation Lawyers in Tulsa explain that the injuries may not become apparent for days after the accident. By immediately going to the hospital and then hiring an attorney you demonstrate to the insurance company that you are serious about the severity of your injuries.  Further, you will accept not a penny less than what the law legally entitles you to. You need time to assess the extent of your disability, the ramifications on your future income and your family’s well-being.

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