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Nursing home abuse

Nursing Home abuse is devastating to families. When we’re dealing with our sickly family members sometimes all other awareness goes out the window. As we grapple with the difficult reality that our once vibrant parent or other family member can no longer care for themselves the prospect of nursing home abuse just doesn’t register on our radar.

Each day, together with other family members, we show up to the nursing home hoping that our loved one is just a little bit more mobile. Or given the prevalence of Alzheimer’s and other diseases involving cognition, we hope they are just a little bit more aware than say yesterday. While dealing with this sadness and pressure we suddenly notice a bruise or possibly a bed sore on our loved one. When this happens its time to act.

Once You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse:

If you suspect physical abuse or neglect from the Nursing home staff its time to meet with those in charge.  You should start by talking with the head of nursing.  Also speak with the doctor in charge of your elder’s care. At this point pay particular attention to what’s in the treatment notes. This means that you should make sure that your meeting with the staff.  Also, make sure the particular concerns that you have are in the medical records.

In the case of bed sores, make sure that the staff is keeping accurate notes as it pertains to wound care and the turning of your loved one. Also be aware of whose caring for the wound vac and its cleaning. Its critical that you make sure the medical notes include all wound care as well as the administration of any prescription drugs.

Oklahoma Laws Regarding Nursing Home Abuse:

In 2001 the State of Oklahoma enacted what’s known as the Long Term Care and Accountability Act Okla Statue Sec. 63-1-1900.  The law intends to improve how long term care is administered to the elderly and disabled.  This is especially true for those who enter long term facilities or Nursing Homes in Oklahoma. The law is means to increase the levels of care and cut down on nursing home abuse in Oklahoma. Through multiple initiatives, that are added as needed through various house bills, the purpose of the act is carried out. The act sets out a laundry list of definitions for positions held within the nursing home. It also sets minimum expectations of the staff as well as requirements for licensing and education for nursing homes in Oklahoma.

Huge Increases in Those Needing Nursing Home:

As we go through life many of us believe that staying in our homes and caring for ourselves is part of our future. Although this appears ideal, as we age this arrangement isn’t always what we thought it might look like. With the increased number of cancers and cognitive disorders caring for ourselves in our own homes isn’t always practical.

Sources at factfinder.cencus.gov illustrate the huge growth in our population over the age of 65. In 2013 there were 14,610,533 people between the age of 65 and 69. This is a huge number but by itself tells very little of the story. Just since 2013 the number of adults between the age 65 and 69, including both sexes, is 15% higher. Using this as a guide, by the time this article is written in 2016 our adult population between 65 and 69 years old should be about 16,801,820. Together with the fact that the number of Nursing Homes being brought on line is flat over the past ten years the pressure on nursing homes is only increasing with demand.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in Tulsa  Oklahoma:

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