What is The Value of a Car Accident Claim in Oklahoma

Uninsured Motorist Coverage In Oklahoma

The value of a car accident claim in Oklahoma depends on several different factors. If you or a loved one suffered an injury in an Oklahoma car accident, you are likely interested in understanding the monetary compensation you are entitled to receive. Oklahoma law might compensate you for all your damages. Your damages might be economic and non-economic. In Oklahoma, you are eligible to receive both economic and non-economic damages after a car accident. It is relatively easy to calculate your economic damages. They include all your medical bills, lost wages, and other direct expenses or costs you incurred due to the car accident. This compensation also includes any damage to personal property. You add up your costs, and you arrive at your economic damages. Its important that you have the right evidence to satisfy the requirements for collecting both kinds of damages.

Other Car Accident Damages Available to You

You are also entitled to receive monetary compensation for your non-economic damages. Non-economic damages include compensation for your physical and mental pain and suffering. It also covers the emotional distress that resulted from the car accident, including depression, anxiety, and trauma. Furthermore, non-economic damages compensate you for your physical injuries such as broken bones, soft tissue damages, and other lacerations.

Calculating your non-economic damages might be difficult and confusing to do on your own. Although more difficult to calculate the insurance company fights to limit what you actually recover. Its important to understand how to tally up your damages so that you are compensated. Insurance companies have developed two primary methods for calculating non-economic damages. The adjuster will typically use the multiplier method or the per diem method. Keep in mind that the more severe injuries you suffer under either option below, the more the insurance company will fight. Gathering and presenting the evidence of your damages is critical to winning your case regardless of the method the insurance company tries to use.

Pain And Suffering: The Multiplier Method

From your point of view, the most crucial goal is to maximize your total damages. In other words, you’ll want the insurance company to multiply your injuries by a number closer to 5 than to 1.5. Several factors go into deciding what multiplier is the most appropriate for your case. Including:

  • The severity of your immediate physical injuries and emotional injuries
  • The seriousness of any long-term injury, physical or emotional
  • The degree of fault on the part of the other driver
  • Your ability to provide documentation, including medical records

Pain And Suffering in Oklahoma: The Per Diem Method

The phrase per diem is Latin and means “per day.” Under this method, the insurance adjuster will note the number of days it took you to heal and multiply that by your daily income. This approach has several problems, and it is far less common than the multiplier approach reviewed above. The first issue is that if your injuries are particularly severe, this method is inadequate. Similarly, if you have long-term injuries, it will not adequately compensate you by locking your damages into the income you earned before the accident without considering your affected earning capacity, too.

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The value of a car accident claim in Oklahoma can be increased by what you do in the case. Being injured in a motor vehicle accident is a horrific situation. Little things done in the case add up to big changes in the value of your car accident claim. Things like the Doctors you see on to statements made to the insurance company impact the outcome.

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