Steps To Settling Automobile Accident Claims Without A Trial in Oklahoma

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Settling automobile accident claims in Oklahoma requires that certain steps are taken. For many of us, car accidents are among the more stressful situations in life. While sometimes the accidents are just a headache to deal with, other times an accident can come with severe consequences. This may include physical injuries, financial harm, and emotional trauma. Facing the legal system to get compensation for your injuries can make an already-stressful time completely overwhelming. You may worry that you will have to go to trial to settle the claim. Fortunately, this is not always the case. Here is some information on settling automobile accident claims outside of Court.

Filing A Claim With Your Insurance Company

You should call your car insurance company as soon as possible following an accident. Insurance providers often allow you a certain period of time to report the wreck but its important you act quickly. At this point its important that you’ve collected all the documents that are needed to push your case forward. Those documents include the police report and all the insurance information of the person that caused the accident. The Police report is critical because it sets out who is at fault.

The insurance company may also ask for a recorded statement. Its important that you understand that this recording can be used against you as a tool to lower the money they owe you. The recording is usually made under oath. The insurance adjuster is gathering information about the injury you suffered and damage to you automobile. They will also ask for testimony regarding fault. Its important not to get riled up or start offering too much un-needed information. In addition to using the statement as a tool to assess liability the adjuster is also evaluating you as a potential witness against them in the event they do not pay what’s fair in your case. This is your chance to demonstrate your value as a witness in the event of a trial.

Personal Injury Damages

Prior to an offer from the insurance company, your attorney must come up with an amount of compensation that you deserve based on the harm you suffered. This figure may include economic damages, like medical bills, repair expenses, and lost wages. It also may include compensation for pain and suffering, which people often do not consider when thinking about an insurance settlement. Damages are key to all personal injury claims. They may also be used as a tool to measure pain and suffering. An example is that if you were injured and the injury required a surgery the surgery indicates an amount of pain and suffering.

Settlement Negotiations

While most of us might typically wait for the insurance company to inform us of what they will pay, an attorney who is familiar with car and truck accident claims will proactively calculate damages and make a demand to the insurance company. This demand letter is sent to the adjuster together with medical records for the personal injury caused by the wreck. Its important to understand that the insurance company is in the business of paying less not more. Just like any business the lower their costs the higher their profits. This is a sad but true reality and you should be ready to negotiate. In the event the offer isn’t what you deserve you should be ready to offer evidence supporting your demand..

Although in some situations you may be able to get higher compensation by suing and going to trial, it is understandable if you wish to avoid that stress altogether. If you are determined to resolve the matter without a trial, having an experienced attorney on your side can be beneficial in maximizing your compensation.
Your attorney may have a reputation with the insurance company, and they may be concerned that an expensive trial is possible based on your representation (even if you and your attorney know that you will not pursue a trial). Wanting to avoid the expenses and delays of a trial, your insurance company may feel pressure to settle for a higher amount than they may have if you were not represented.

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