Can I File for Workers Compensation?


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Unlike the tort system, where you are able to file suit against someone who is at fault for causing you harm, such as a personal injury action, a nursing home negligence action, or a medical malpractice action, the workers’ compensation system does not take into account fault. Rather the system is no fault. The key is that the injury happened while you were at work. Our Oklahoma work injury attorneys file cases in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Purpose of Oklahoma Work Injury Law:

Mistakes are inevitable on the job.  To get Oklahoma citizens healthy after suffering workplace injuries and illnesses, there must be a system looking at the following:

  • What Work injuries and/or illnesses are at issue
  • What medical treatment is necessary
  • The cost of the needed medical care
  • The amount of lost wages
  • How long employees anticipate to be out of work and how much Temporary disability the Injured worker should receive
  • Amount of PPD owed to the injured worker

Oklahoma Work Injury Lawsuits:

The workers’ compensation system simply would not work if also assessing fault.  Many people typically think of a lawsuit that goes to trial and there is a plaintiff and a defendant, much like what you may see on American television shows.  While lawsuits occur by employees against employers or co-workers for on the job injuries (such as situations where intentional harm exists), most cases of workers’ compensation only look at what the injury is and what the employee needs in terms of compensation in order to get better.

It’s possible that you may have been at fault for your own injury, or maybe your employer or a co-worker was at fault, however, you will still be receiving your workers’ compensation benefits.  Taking fault into consideration would only make the workers’ compensation process longer.  This would result in workplace inefficiency and people fearing trouble for any potential mistake that may lead to an employee sustaining on the job injuries.  Mistakes are inevitable and workers’ compensation allows for room to make mistakes.  Plus, sometimes injuries are nobody’s fault, and simply a potential consequence of the job an employee undertakes.

Goal of Oklahoma Workers Compensation Law:

The Oklahoma workers’ compensation program aims to help citizens return to work as quickly as possible.  In order to achieve this goal, fault not be part of the equation.  It is still important to take all steps necessary to encourage a safe workplace in an effort to avoid preventable injuries and illnesses.  But, workers can be rest assured that as long as there is no intentional conduct to harm another employee (such as getting in a fist fight), any workplace accident is eligible for compensation from the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier, as required under Oklahoma law.

Oklahoma Work Injury Attorneys in Your Corner:

Sustaining workplace injuries can be devastating. From the need for prompt medical treatment to recovery during the injury period you need help. If you’ve been injured on the job you’re entitled to medical care and disability payments while you recover. The workers compensation insurance company comes with their adjusters and lawyers, you should do the same.

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