Tips For Taking Accident Photos After a Car Wreck in Oklahoma

Accident Photos After a Car Wreck

Taking accident photos after a car wreck can prove to be very helpful. In fact, one of the most important things that you can do at the scene of an accident is to take photos. These could later serve as crucial evidence in an injury or criminal case. Accident photos’ offer proof of the extent of damage to you automobile and even yourself. Additionally with modern dash cameras, this kind of video evidence can be used to show who is at fault.

Reach A Safe Area Before Taking Pictures

While it’s best to take accident photos after a car wreck of the damage caused by an accident as close to the scene as possible, it isn’t always safe to get too close. If a vehicle can still operate after being damaged in an accident, it is sometimes better to drive a short distance before assessing the damage, taking pictures, and exchanging insurance information. For example, if someone is involved in a car accident on the highway or in a construction zone, there may not be sufficient, safe space to take pictures at the exact scene of the collision.

Don’t Forget The Area Surrounding The Vehicle

The accident scene needs to be photographed as much as possible, not just the vehicles involved. There could be a traffic signal that is out of order or a traffic sign obscured by foliage or graffiti. There may be glass and other debris on the ground around the accident, which could be used to show the speed of impact and how severe the accident was. Other objects, like stop signs and guard rails, may also be damaged. Skid marks and other evidence might show the path that one or both vehicles took during the accident and could even indicate the speed at which they traveled. Take pictures of any area of the accident scene that could be relevant to your case.

Ask Someone Else If You Can’t Do It Yourself

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident, you won’t be able to take pictures at the scene. It’s not ideal to only have the other party take pictures and gather evidence from the accident scene. If you can still call or send a text, you could contact friends or family to see if someone can go to the scene to take pictures on your behalf. But don’t forget that police should be dispatched to the scene and should be taking pictures regardless of whether you’re in shape to take pictures on your own. They will use these pictures as part of the police report concerning your accident.  

Take Pictures Of The Other Driver’s Documents

A driver involved in an accident must provide their identity and auto insurance policy information. Take pictures of any documents that the other driver provides, as they could come in handy later. Don’t trust yourself to remember important details based on sight alone. If any of the information provided by the other driver is false or incorrect, a photo of what was provided can serve you well later on down the road. Keep in mind that if you ask to take pictures of the other driver’s documents, they will probably want to take pictures of yours, too.

Get As Many Angles As Possible

If you only provide pictures from one perspective, the other party may argue that the scene would appear completely different if viewed from a different angle. The defense won’t be able to make this argument if the plaintiff has taken accident photos from several vantage points. Take photos from high angles, low angles, straight on, different sides, and as many vantage points as possible. This will paint a clear view of the accident that may prove harder for the other parties to refute in court.

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