How To Properly Install A Car Seat To Avoid Personal Injury

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To properly install a car seat is the first thing you can do to help your child avoid injury in car accident. .Car seats are designed to keep their occupants safe. However, if they aren’t installed correctly, serious injuries that would otherwise be preventable can occur. Read on to learn about how car seat installation helps to avoid tragic accidents. Failing to properly install a car seat can even result in a traffic ticket in Oklahoma.

Rear-Facing Child Seats

Proper installation techniques for a car seat vary depending on which direction it is supposed to be facing. A rear facing seat is by all means safer for your child if you are involved in a car accident. Depending on the child’s age and where they sit in the vehicle, sometimes rear-facing child seats are safer, and sometimes forward-facing child seats are more appropriate. A rear-facing child seat can be secured within a vehicle using a seat belt or lower anchors.

These methods can be used to ensure the safety of the very youngest passengers in motor vehicles. Keep in mind that some vehicles are built with unique styles that require slight modifications to seat belt installation instructions, so you’ll want to check your vehicle owner’s manual for more information. Also, it might surprise you that the Tulsa fire department and other community organizations will help parents properly install their child’s car set but you must call them first for more information.

Seat Belt

You should have both your car seat installation manual and vehicle manual available when installing a car seat. Place the seat in the vehicle and secure the seat belt accordingly. Buckle and lock the seat belt outside the seat and tighten the car seat base. The seat shouldn’t be able to shift more than roughly one inch. Then, adjust the seat to the appropriate recline angle for your child’s age and size. Some seats may have angle guides printed on them; otherwise, you will need to check them in the car seat manual.

Lower Anchors

Again, you should always read your car seat manual and vehicle manual before installing a seat belt using lower anchors. First, place the safety seat in the vehicle’s back seat and locate the back seat’s lower anchors. Connect the lower anchors to the child seat’s lower anchor attachments, and ensure that you have a straight alignment. Next, press down firmly to secure the seat in place. You can use one or two knees to press down on the seat to ensure it is in place. If you use this method, make sure to avoid removing yourself from the car seat until you have completely secured it. Again, the seat shouldn’t be able to shift or wiggle more than one inch. Make sure that the seat is adjusted to the proper recline angle.

Forward-Facing Child Seats

Rear-facing child seats give more protection from personal injury for smaller children, so be absolutely sure that your child is ready to transition before switching them to a forward-facing child seat. When your child is ready for a forward-facing seat, slide the front passenger seat as far forward as possible before beginning the installation process. This will maximize the space that you’ll have to maneuver in the back seat.

Remember that some seats can only be installed in certain positions inside the vehicle. The seat should still be compatible with lower anchors in the seat, or you can secure the child seat using the seat belt. Follow the same steps as a rear-facing child seat, except facing forwards. The one-inch rule (the child seat shouldn’t be able to move more than one inch) applies to rear-facing child seats as well as forward-facing child seats. As with a rear-facing child seat, always be sure to check the car seat manual and vehicle owner’s manual before attempting installation.

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