Negligent Amputation in Oklahoma

Negligent Amputation in Oklahoma

Negligent Amputation in Oklahoma is absolutely devastating.  in a 2010 CNN Article approximately 107 people had the wrong body part amputated in the hospital.  Amputation of the wrong body part is a devastating experience. Take for example a Brazilian man in 2013 who had his left leg amputated only to find out doctors were supposed to amputate the right leg instead.  The man, still needing amputation on the left leg, is now legless.  Having the ability to walk stripped away from a medically negligent operation can cause a tremendous amount of unnecessary physical and emotional suffering.  If this has happened to you, there are legal avenues for recourse. Our Tulsa Oklahoma personal injury attorneys will help you..

Wrongful Amputation and Malpractice

If you have had a limb removed due to negligent amputation and malpractice, you can fileNegligent Amputation in Oklahoma for damages.  However, under Oklahoma law you must bring legal action within 2 years of the negligent amputation.  When you file the claim, you will further face requirements to meet certain elements to prove your case.  These include:

1—the medical team had a duty to protect the patient from injury;

2—the medical team breached this duty to the patient; and

3—you suffer injuries due to the medical team’s failure.

Although a medical provider has a reasonable duty to be diligent in operating on a patient, this is not an automatic presumption under law.  However, negligent amputation of the wrong limb is a direct result of the medical team to practice reasonable diligence.  Therefore, it is simple to prove in many cases.  Damages from a negligent amputation suit can result in thousands of dollars to a victim.  This is a result of medical expenses necessary to take care of the negligently amputated area, and also psychological distress.


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Filing a medical malpractice claim for negligent amputation is a difficult process. The insurance company will try to get you to settle the case. Don’t do it. They’re not in the business of paying you more but rather in the business of paying you less. Once you had a limb removed don’t let them remove more of your dignity. Our personal injury attorneys know what to do. We’ll get you the money they owe you.  Hospitals have highly seasoned attorneys and insurance adjusters on their side to fight these battles.  Our offices offer a free consultation to anyone wishing to initiate a suit.  918.743.2233.

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