What is Leaving the Scene of an Accident


In December 2018, a woman plead to charges of leaving the scene of an accident which left her with 10 years of probation, community service, and hefty fines.  The woman and her spouse were arguing at a bar.  The argument continued to the couple’s apartment.  The woman left her apartment after her partner pulled a gun on her and jumped on top of their car in an attempt to not let her flee.  This is when the woman kept driving, her spouse fell from the car and suffered fatal head trauma.  She did not return to the scene where her wife fell until much later.  This act is what gave rise to the leaving the scene of an accident charges.

What Exactly is Leaving The Scene of an Accident?Leaving the Scene

To fully understand leaving the scene of an accident, we must first understand what triggers when an accident occurs.  Under 47 O.S. §10-104, Oklahoma law provides several duties to someone at the scene.  First, you must render aid to the person suffering injuries.  For example, you can call 911 or another emergency service, or move the person from immediate harm.  You must also remain on scene until officers take down your accurate personal information.  Sometimes you will be subject to blood testing for alcohol levels.  This is generally only if severe injury or fatality occurs though.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident has Consequences.

The punishment for leaving a scene is dependent on the severity of injuries and other damage.

First:  Damage to a vehicle without injuries is a misdemeanor.  You may receive a one year jail sentence and fines up to $500.  Civil suits are also a possibility.  These often result in high fines for damages.

Second:  Nonfatal Injuries in an accident where you leave the scene is a felony.  This does not matter if the injury is fatal or not.  Further, you may receive a 2 year jail sentence and fines of $1,000.  Your driver’s license is also subject to revocation.

Third:  If fatalities occur in the accident which you leave the scene from, then you definitely face felony charges.  This can result in 10 years in prison and fines of $10,000.  Again your driver’s license will be subject to total revocation.

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