Is Ignorance of The Law a Defense to Criminal Charges in Oklahoma

Ignorance of The Law

We’ve all heard the adage – ignorance of the law is no excuse. But is it true for crimes committed in Oklahoma? The law in Oklahoma is quite clear: Ignorance of the law does not excuse from punishment for its violation.” (21 OK Stat § 21-152.) This would seem to answer the question in the affirmative – yes, you can…

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How Do I Calculate Damages In A Breach Of Contract Case in Oklahoma?

Damages In A Breach Of Contract

Calculating damages in a breach of contract case in Oklahoma is a little technical and takes some thinking. When someone violates a contract, the other parties to the agreement may suffer financial or other kinds of losses. Calculating the losses suffered in a breach situation can be complicated. Depending on the type contract and the kind of damage the requirement…

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Oklahoma Arbitration In Personal Injury Lawsuits

Arbitration In Personal Injury Lawsuits

Arbitration In personal injury lawsuits is a useful tool in your arsenal of settlement weapons. If you suffer personal injuries from an accident, what’s next? You can file an insurance claim, but this may not give you just compensation for your injuries. You may have to file a civil lawsuit to assert your claim for compensation and protect your valuable…

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Closed Head Injuries At Work in Oklahoma

Head Injuries At Work

Head injuries at work in Oklahoma are covered by the states workers compensation insurance. Any work-related injury can be devastating and even life-altering for you and your family. But often, these injuries can be fixed, and you will heal. But what about the invisible injuries that stick with you forever? Many people suffer from closed head injuries at work, and…

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What Are Miranda Rights In Oklahoma?

Felony Murder Rule in Oklahoma

The term “Miranda Rights” is an important aspect in criminal defense matters. Miranda Rights were defined as the result of a United States Supreme Court case. In this case, the Court refers to constitutional rights that grant you the right to a criminal defense attorney and the right to remain silent. This is a landmark case and is perhaps one…

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Oklahoma Drivers License After DUI and The IDAP Program

DUI With a Gun

In Oklahoma your drivers license after DUI is placed at risk. If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Actual Physical Control (APC), you may be at risk of having your driver’s license revoked or suspended. Losing your license can severely impact your life. Finding alternative and reliable transportation to a job, attending to your kids’…

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Homicide Charges in Oklahoma

Homicide charges in Oklahoma carry hefty prison sentences and come as the result of many different circumstances. The city of Tulsa has 80 or so homicides in a typical year.  This is an average that stays within a certain range. One of these includes the beating death of a young woman by her husband.  The husband beat her with a…

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Defending Protective Order Violations in Tulsa

Protective order violations in Tulsa are very serious crimes. In April of 2017, a woman reportedly held a man at gunpoint from her front porch.  The man was in violation of a protective order that was issued against him.  He was at the woman’s house demanding her debit card and sitting in her driveway even after being ordered by the…

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Elbow Injury at Work and Workman’s Comp

If you are facing an elbow injury at work in you have a workers compensation claim. Because an elbow injury at work is so costly, its important that you do the right things that ensure the injury id covered. First, on average an elbow injury costs a total of $7,000 for the entire treatment and recovery process.  During the recovery,…

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Expunging Juvenile Records

Pardon Different From An Expungement

Expunging Juvenile Records is possible under the law. There are often times people find themselves in terrible situations as a juvenile.  Whether this is due to poor choices or a lack of maturity, it can still have consequences as an adult.  For example, depending on the crimes you are charged with, a juvenile record could enhance your adult charges.  Over…

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Fighting First and Second Degree Burglary in Oklahoma

first and second degree burglary in Oklahoma

Fighting First and Second Degree Burglary in Oklahoma begins with understanding the difference between the two charges. Oftentimes many people believe that the degrees of a crime are not that important.  For instance, someone may not take the idea of first degree burglary much more serious than second degree burglary.  However, there are a few significant differences between first and…

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Dividing Debts in Oklahoma Divorce

Spouse Refuses To Sign The Divorce

Dividing Debts in Oklahoma Divorce is a question faced by many families working through divorce.  One of the most frequently asked questions of a lawyer is “How does property divide in a divorce?”.  This generally includes dividing debts also.  Take for instance you had certain debts entering into a marriage, or your spouse took out student loans for a professional…

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Defending Breaking and Entering Criminal Charges

Assault On A Police officer

In 1983, Oklahoma courts held in the Sanchez v. State appeal that “breaking” can be applied to small breaking “no matter how slight” to remove an obstruction in order to enter a place.  This was illustrated in Sanchez when he rang a doorbell and when the resident of the home tried to shut the door he pushed it open.  Thus,…

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Garnishments in Bankruptcy

garnishments in bankruptcy

Stopping garnishments in bankruptcy is easy. Wage garnishments can occur automatically. They happen when government agencies like the IRS or other creditors claim you owe them money.  They can also occur as a result of a court order that one of your creditors secured against you. A wage garnishment summons is then issued to your employer. Either way, third parties…

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Expunging Protective Orders in Oklahoma

Oklahoma law allows individuals to seek protection from undue stalking, harassment or abuse.  Emergency protective orders intend this protection.  If necessary and upon a showing of good cause, a permanent order of protection occurs. While emergency and final protective orders will not actually prevent an individual from choosing to pursue their stalking, harassment or abuse, these orders serve as a…

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Tulsa Green Card Application Process

Tulsa Green Card

A green card is a resident visa.  It’s name is after the color of the identification card that issues to aliens. The green card allows foreign citizens to live and work in the U.S. lawfully. The official name for the green card is Form I-551. If you are not eligible for U.S. citizenship but you wish to permanently reside in…

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Marijuana Possession in Oklahoma – Some Tips –

The recent legalization of marijuana for personal use in the states of Washington and Colorado have lead to a widespread push to legalize marijuana in other states at least for medicinal purposes.  In Oklahoma, one senator is pushing to legalize marijuana, however, unsuccessfully.  Thus, Oklahoma marijuana possession laws are as serious as any other drug charge.  Many individuals in Oklahoma…

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Should I Move Out Before I file Divorce?

When beginning a contested divorce or child custody dispute, you might feel a compelling desire to vacate the family home.  Married couples and unmarried parents do not generally end their relationship because of effective communication and enjoyment of each other’s company.  Should I Move Out Before I file Divorce is the question Im asked all the time. Although unpleasant, there…

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Common Questions for Filing Bankruptcy in Tulsa

Filing bankruptcy can be overwhelming because it involves a mountain of paperwork.  There are also many opportunities to make critical mistakes. These can result in continuing liability for dischargeable debts; unnecessary delays while a bankruptcy is amended; and even the dismissal of a bankruptcy that puts a debtor’s assets at-risk.  Because most people struggling with debts have questions about their legal rights…

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