Closed Head Injuries At Work in Oklahoma

Head Injuries At Work

Head injuries at work in Oklahoma are covered by the states workers compensation insurance. Any work-related injury can be devastating and even life-altering for you and your family. But often, these injuries can be fixed, and you will heal. But what about the invisible injuries that stick with you forever? Many people suffer from closed head injuries at work, and…

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Does Workers Compensation Benefits Affect Child Support in Tulsa?

Workers Compensation Benefits

Oklahoma workers compensation benefits affect child support in some instances. Oklahoma law imposes a legal duty on parents to support, protect, and care for their minor children. This includes financial support based on Oklahoma’s child support guidelines. The Oklahoma guidelines require specific data about the number of children subject to the support order, any other children, each parent’s income, the…

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If I’m Injured In A Car Accident At Work, Is It Covered By Oklahoma Workers Comp?

If you are in a car accident at work there is a very good chance that the accident is covered by Oklahoma workers compensation. Workers compensation programs in Oklahoma provide certain benefits to employees who suffer injuries while working. When it comes to car accident at work, a person might qualify for these benefits; however, the ability to claim workers…

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