How Long Does Probate Take in Oklahoma?

Affidavit Of Heirship

How Long Does Probate Take in Oklahoma; The average time varies greatly depending on the assets and liabilities of the decedent and can take anywhere between four months to over a year. In Oklahoma, probate is required when a person dies as the sole owner of real estate or fails to name a designated beneficiary on their insurance policies, investment…

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What Do I Do After a Pharmacy Overdose in Oklahoma

Pharmacy Overdose

Helping Those Harmed By Medication Errors A pharmacy overdose in Oklahoma can lead to very serious personal injury. When your pharmacist hands you your prescription, you expect that prescription to help you. But what if it causes you to overdose or causes you or a loved one other harm or even death? If you or a family member have been…

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Adultery And Child Custody in Oklahoma?

Adultery And Child Custody

In Oklahoma, adultery and child custody are common issues in divorce and paternity cases. Finding out your Childs parent has been unfaithful can be a crushing blow. The betrayal and shame surrounding the breach of trust can cause feelings of anger and resentfulness. While some couples may work through the feelings that adultery may present, it can signal the end…

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What is Leaving the Scene of an Accident

In December 2018, a woman plead to charges of leaving the scene of an accident which left her with 10 years of probation, community service, and hefty fines.  The woman and her spouse were arguing at a bar.  The argument continued to the couple’s apartment.  The woman left her apartment after her partner pulled a gun on her and jumped…

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Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

We all love our furry friends and want to feel safe when walking them around the neighborhood.  Most people think about dog bites as being the most dangerous aftermath of an aggressive attack.  However, it is equally dangerous to walk a dog without a proper leash. Or to be walked by someone who is not the dog’s owner. If you…

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Collecting Unemployment if You Quit

Collecting Unemployment if You Quit your job is still possible. But, be cautious as the reason must be one recognized by the Oklahoma Unemployment Commission. The reasons people leave a particular job are as diverse as the number of jobs in the market. Its not uncommon for a person to be denied unemployment with the reason they’re given is that…

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Possession of a Stolen Vehicle

Bail In Oklahoma

Possession of a Stolen Vehicle in Oklahoma is a crime the Tulsa County district attorneys office hotly pursues. In early June of 2017 an unmarked police vehicle was stolen in South Tulsa.  The vehicle did not have any external markings, but did hold a pepper spray ball, a ballistic shield, and handheld radio.  As of June 9th, the vehicle whereabouts…

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Misdemeanors in Oklahoma

Understanding Misdemeanors in Oklahoma Misdemeanors in Oklahoma are not the most serious of crimes, but they still can result in some pretty harsh consequences. Most Oklahoma individuals do have a general understanding that misdemeanors are more serious than infractions, but not as serious as felonies. However, it is still important to understand the different types of misdemeanors in Oklahoma.  It is…

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Tulsa Nursing Home Attorneys and Abuse: What Oklahomans Should Know

In 2012, over 1.3 million Americans resided in a nursing or adult care facility. Additionally, in 2013, that number had climbed to over 3.3. million. With the Baby Boomer generation aging and increasingly requiring outside care, the number of individuals in nursing homes is continues to grow exponentially. In fact, estimates predict that by the end of this year, one in seven people over…

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Oklahoma DUI Defenses

In Oklahoma, drinking then getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle can lead to serious consequences. You can be criminally liable under four different Oklahoma statutes, and face civil liability as well.  With the assistance of one of our experienced Tulsa DUI Attorneys, however, you can mount a successful defense to a alcohol related crimes. Driving Under the Influence:  The crime…

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Can My DUI Conviction Be Expunged in Oklahoma?

If you receive charges of a DUI in Oklahoma you may need need the help of  Tulsa expungement attorneys.  They help seal your criminal record.  A conviction of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can have disastrous consequences for years to come. Of course, the severity of the crime plays a huge role.  It determines whether or not you’ll need to serve jail…

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Fourth Amendment and Criminal Law

The Fourth Amendment and criminal law protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. It protects owners from unreasonable searches of themselves, their property and other effects. Unreasonable search and seizure is one that occurs without a warrant. The warrant must state with particularity who, what and where the search is to take place. The primary idea behind the fourth amendment is to…

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