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An Oklahoma adult guardianship is the means Courts use to allow an adult to handle the legal affairs of another adult. An adult guardianship is also know as a conservatorship. The two terms are the same and used interchangeably. The unfortunate truth is that as our society ages we find our-self needing an increased number of consevatorships. This is for any number of reasons ranging. Those range from an end of life incapacity to a temporary or permanent disability of an adult. If you’ve got a family member or someone close to you that is suffering from an incapacity an adult guardianship solves many problems.

Oklahoma Adult Guardianship ExplainedOklahoma Adult Guardianship

A guardian under the laws of the state of Oklahoma is a person appointed by a court to take care of the person or the property of another. For example, if an adult family member’s mental or physical condition has deteriorated due to certain conditions, another family member, close friend, or anyone else deemed proper by the court would exercise care or control of the person who would need that necessary assistance. The guardian takes care of their family member (ward) by assuming care for their physical well being. The guardian is also responsible for the financial affairs of the Ward.

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How Do I Know My Loved One Needs a Guardian

In order to file a petition for a guardianship in the state of Oklahoma, there are several requirements. First, the ward must be incapacitated or partially incapacitated. The state of Oklahoma defines an “incapacitated person” as including but not limited to mental illness, intellectual or developmental disability, physical illness, or any other similar cause. The “incapacitated person” must also lack the ability to take care of their own physical or financial needs.

Qualifications to be a Guardian

There are several requirements that a person must meet in order to be a recognized guardian. The requirements are as follows: the proposed guardian must 1) not be a minor, 2) be incapacitated or partially incapacitated, 3) not be a registered sex offender, 4) have no conflict of interest with the ward, be financially solvent, 5) not a guardian of anyone else, and 6) are not a convicted felon.

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Petitioning for a guardianship of is an important step to ensure the safety and financial solvency of a loved one. This is important when a loved one is not be able to take care of themselves and their affairs. Consult with a Tulsa Guardianship lawyer today to add some ease to the process. We offer a free consultation and perhaps other Wills and Trust solutions to your needs.

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