Step Children and Estate Planning

Step children and estate planning

Step Children and Estate Planning for after you die require certain things be done. Blended families and step-children are a common occurrence in American families today.  This makes up over a quarter of a million families and children who are living with non-biological parents.  With these statistics in mind, it is important to know how the law affects step-children and inheritance.  Many step-parents want to make sure they include their step-children in estate planning and inheritance.

Step Children and Estate Planning Inheritance Laws

The law in Oklahoma does not address step-children in estate planning when a person dies without a will.  This is the “intestate” process of probate found in 84 Okl.St.Ann. § 213.  As a result, if you pass on and do not create a valid will, your step-children will inherit nothing.  This means that if you want to include your step-children as heirs in your estate, you must create a valid last testament or trust.

We understand that people want options in how to divide their estate.  There are several ways to do this, but most common are through holographic wills, type-written wills, and trusts.  Each of these options must meet all the legal requirements set out by law.  Otherwise, it could be invalid and cause your estate to move into the intestate status.  When your estate moves to intestate, your step-children will immediately lose the portion you designate for them.

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Step-children, just like biological children, are an important part of a blended family.  We know that you want to include them as heirs.  Our estate attorneys can help you ensure your step-children are not left out.  While the inheritance laws can be tedious, we know how to guide you through them.  Our attorneys have years of experience in creating wills and trusts, plus making sure they are valid.

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