Revoking a Tulsa Will With an Oklahoma Divorce

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Revoking a Tulsa will with Oklahoma divorce is one way to revoke a will. As we go through life and acquire more assets estate planning becomes more important. More importantly then acquiring more assets is the need to protect our family members even after we’ve left this earth. An important part of estate planning and probate in Oklahoma is understanding when parts, or all of a will is revoked. If we don’t know that a will or a part of a will is revoked then we don’t know how to deal with the remaining legacy.

Tulsa Divorce Revokes Parts of a Will

Our Tulsa wills attorney points out that Oklahoma Title 84 Sec. 114 addresses Revoking a Tulsa will with Oklahoma divorce or annulment. The statute explains that after a Revoking a Tulsa will with Oklahoma divorcetestator makes a valid will in Oklahoma and then divorces all provisions of the will pertaining to a former spouse are revoked. In the event the prior marriage has been annulled the impact of the annulment is the same is in a divorce. The statute dealing with revoking a will with a Tulsa divorce further explains that if the divorce occurs then the testators former spouse is treated as if he or she predeceased him.

This provision doesn’t apply in the event the two remarried each-other or otherwise had the Tulsa divorce decree vacated. If after the divorce testator wants to still leave to the former spouse he can. This is done by executing a new will and naming the former spouse as a beneficiary.

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Wills and trusts are something people talk about but rarely act on as it relates to their own death or incapacity. As it pertains to our self’s its natural to avoid the subject. Its interesting that even those who absolutely understand wills and trusts don’t always have one of their own. They tell me how wills and trust apply and do so with real technical understanding of estate planning. Problem is, notwithstanding this, they don’t apply this understanding to making their own will. If this is you our Tulsa wills and trust attorneys can help you.

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