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Resisting an Officer

Defending Oklahoma False Impersonation Charges in Tulsa is complex with serious consequences to those accused of this crime. For example, in March of 2017 a Skiatook Oklahoma man was taken into custody for false impersonation of a federal agent.  The man struck an Italian restaurant manager in the chest while claiming the manager was a German spy.  Further, the man had a gold badge pinned to his coat and made statements saying he was a federal officer.  Clearly, this is a form of false impersonation.  Other forms could be falsely presenting yourself in a marriage, falsely representing yourself before a court, etc.  If you make someone else legally liable by using their name, or you are using the name to avoid prosecution, then you can be legally charged also.

False Impersonation and Proving It:

Oklahoma law requires that certain things exist in order to charge someone with false impersonation.  These are:

–  Taking the name or character of someone else;

–  Intentionally representing yourself as this person; and

– Making the person you are pretending to be legally liable; or

– If you receive a benefit from impersonating the victim.

An example of receiving a benefit from impersonating a victim would be the recent arrest of a Tahlequah man.  He gave officers someone else’s ID at a checkpoint.  The man had warrants out for his arrest and attempted to avoid arrest and prosecution by using a different identity.  This effort however, failed and the man found himself in prison.

Oklahoma False Impersonation Punishments:

Oklahoma considers false impersonation a felony.  Therefore, anyone convicted of the charges faces a possible sentence of 10 years in jail.  Felony convictions are difficult to shake even after you complete your full punishment.  This is because they stay on your record and disqualify you from certain employment and housing.

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