Aggravated Assault and Battery in Oklahoma

In December of 2016 a man was charged with aggravated assault and battery after attacking his daughter’s basketball coach.  The coach recently dismissed the girl from the competitive team.  Later, her father, wanting to discuss the matter, met with the coach at a convenience store.  This is where the altercation was on video.  The girl’s father kicked the coach multiple…

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Criminal Charges and Immigration

Life Sentence

Many immigrants have questions about Criminal Charges and Immigration today.  This is especially true in the wake of increasing government focus on immigration laws in the US.  With this in mind, it is important to know how criminal convictions can and will affect immigration. Criminal Convictions and Immigration Status There are two categories of crimes in US criminal law.  Depending…

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Eluding a Police Officer in Oklahoma

Video Record The Police

Eluding a Police Officer in Oklahoma is a serious crime that can land you in jail.. A Topeka man recently received a sentence of 8 years in prison for eluding an officer and other illegal acts.  The man was sleeping in his car when police approached him.  He woke and made an attempt to drive away while an officer’s arm…

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Defending False Impersonation Charges in Tulsa

Resisting an Officer

Defending Oklahoma False Impersonation Charges in Tulsa is complex with serious consequences to those accused of this crime. For example, in March of 2017 a Skiatook Oklahoma man was taken into custody for false impersonation of a federal agent.  The man struck an Italian restaurant manager in the chest while claiming the manager was a German spy.  Further, the man…

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Criminal Defense Attorneys Examine Application to Revoke Probation

Self-Defense A Defense In an agreed fight

Application to Revoke Probation for a failure to complete your terms and conditions of the criminal sentence puts your personal freedom in danger. Sometimes people convicted of crimes receive a suspended sentence or deferred sentence. However, both type plea agreements require a plea of guilty at the time of sentencing.  Once the plea enters, you are on a probationary period….

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Prescription Fraud Charges in Tulsa

Prescription Fraud Charges in Tulsa are more common then many people realize.  August of 2016, the lead dentist of Signature Smiles in Tulsa received charges for murder.  During the investigation, Tulsa Police officers also discovered several possible criminal activities by Franklin’s employees, including prescription fraud.  For example, one of the firms dental assistants is under investigation for forging narcotic prescriptions…

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Tulsa Lawyer Examines Oklahoma Manslaughter Charges

Oklahoma manslaughter charges are very serious and could land an excused person in jail. In January of 2017, a Minnesota man was charged with manslaughter after shooting at trespassers on his property.  The group was casing his house early in the morning for a future burglary attempt.  The owner awoke to the noise and discharged two shots, hitting one of…

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Tulsa Lawyers Explain Robbery Crimes in Oklahoma

Robbery Crimes in Oklahoma occur every day. Oklahoma Neighborhood Scout reports over 75,000 Oklahoma robberies in the last year.  It also states 1 in 33 residents will be victim to a property crime at some point within the year.  These numbers are significant and alarming.  Further, many of these crimes will include eye witnesses.  Eye witnesses typically have a high…

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