Can My DUI Conviction Be Expunged in Oklahoma?


Tulsa Expungement AttorneysIf you receive charges of a DUI in Oklahoma you may need need the help of  Tulsa expungement attorneys.  They help seal your criminal record.  A conviction of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can have disastrous consequences for years to come. Of course, the severity of the crime plays a huge role.  It determines whether or not you’ll need to serve jail time.  It also determines how much you may have to pay in fines.

Most Oklahoma citizens receiving charges of a DUI, however, are able to avoid jail time.  But they must quickly seek the advice of a qualified DUI defense attorney. They can help by either seeking to have the DUI charge dismissed, or agreeing to plead guilty in exchange for a deferred sentence.  You may have the option of having your records sealed or “expunged”. Call our Tulsa expungement attorneys for a free consultation.

Consequences of a DUI Conviction:

Having a DUI conviction on your record could make it very difficult for you to obtain steady employment, rent a home or apartment, or attend college. Whether you are applying for a job or applying to attend college, you will be asked about your criminal history, and it is likely that a criminal background check will identify your prior Oklahoma DUI.

While DUIs should not be taken lightly, many people have been convicted of a DUI simply by making a very bad decision that is not representative of their character, as many are otherwise model citizens. Having a blemish on your criminal record is can certainly make your life more difficult. In order to prevent your DUI charge or conviction from haunting you for years to come, it is important that you consider whether or not you may be eligible for having your criminal and arrest records expunged by one of our Tulsa expungement attorneys.

Expungment of Your Oklahoma DUI Conviction:

Our Tulsa expungement attorneys explain that not every person will qualify for expungement of a DUI conviction. The first step to take when considering expunction is to speak with a DUI defense attorney.  They evaluate your criminal background and determine whether or not you are able to expunge your prior DUI conviction. If you have other charges or convictions, it may complicate the process of sealing your record.

Pursuant to Oklahoma law, Title 22 Section 991(c), you may seek to have your DUI charge sealed if you received a deferred sentence after pleading guilty to the DUI charge. This essentially means that your DUI charge received a dismissal.  But you have completed the probation requirements as part of the deferred sentence. Thus, even though the DUI charge receives dismissal, it still shows up on your record that you previously had charges of a DUI.

Expungement Concerns:

In order to expunge this particular record, you will need the assistance of an Oklahoma DUI defense and expungement attorney.  We help you with the process of petitioning to have your DUI charge and/or conviction removed from your record. If you did not go through the deferred sentence process, you still may be able to have your DUI conviction expunged.  However, you may have to meet additional requirements that a qualified attorney can thoroughly explain to you.

While clearing your DUI charge and/or conviction will seal the court documents regarding the criminal charge and disposition of the case against you, your arrest record will still be visible on a criminal background check through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). Existence of an arrest record raises red flags. You will have to petition pursuant to Title 22 Section 18 under Oklahoma law to seek an expungement. This petition is made after you have successfully expunged your DUI charge and/or conviction from your criminal history.

In order to qualify, you cannot have more than one misdemeanor or felony on your record. Most petitions for expunction receive approval.  However, this is a discretionary process.  If the district court does not feel expunction of your records serves the best interest of society, your petition may receive denial. Thus, researching your options with the assistance of an attorney is a step in the right direction.

If you face conviction of a DUI in Oklahoma call for a free consultation with Tulsa expungment attorneys. You don’t have to live your life with a criminal record. Dui or most other Oklahoma crimes are removable from your past.

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