Expunging Juvenile Records

Pardon Different From An Expungement

Expunging Juvenile Records is possible under the law. There are often times people find themselves in terrible situations as a juvenile.  Whether this is due to poor choices or a lack of maturity, it can still have consequences as an adult.  For example, depending on the crimes you are charged with, a juvenile record could enhance your adult charges.  Over…

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Expunging Oklahoma Criminal Records

Expunging Oklahoma Criminal Records will seal the criminal arrest and criminal charges making it as if the crim never happened. Many people are aware of the theory of expunging Oklahoma criminal records but not sure how its done. The process can be slightly more complex than it sounds but its possible if you qualify.  Oklahoma law allows expungement of criminal…

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Can My DUI Conviction Be Expunged in Oklahoma?

If you receive charges of a DUI in Oklahoma you may need need the help of  Tulsa expungement attorneys.  They help seal your criminal record.  A conviction of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can have disastrous consequences for years to come. Of course, the severity of the crime plays a huge role.  It determines whether or not you’ll need to serve jail…

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