Homicide Charges in Oklahoma

Homicide charges in Oklahoma carry hefty prison sentences and come as the result of many different circumstances. The city of Tulsa has 80 or so homicides in a typical year.  This is an average that stays within a certain range. One of these includes the beating death of a young woman by her husband.  The husband beat her with a…

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Defending Possession of a Firearm After a Felony in Tulsa

Possession of a Firearm after a Felony

Defending Possession of a Firearm After a Felony in Tulsa requires careful preparation by your criminal defense attorney. While the United States Constitution provides the “right to bear arms,” the Oklahoma State Constitution applies further protections.  In Art. II, § 26 the authorities “shall never” prohibit the right to bear arms for defense of person or property.  However, the section…

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Defending Breaking and Entering Criminal Charges

Battery on a Police Officer

In 1983, Oklahoma courts held in the Sanchez v. State appeal that “breaking” can be applied to small breaking “no matter how slight” to remove an obstruction in order to enter a place.  This was illustrated in Sanchez when he rang a doorbell and when the resident of the home tried to shut the door he pushed it open.  Thus,…

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Misdemeanors in Oklahoma

Understanding Misdemeanors in Oklahoma Misdemeanors in Oklahoma are not the most serious of crimes, but they still can result in some pretty harsh consequences. Most Oklahoma individuals do have a general understanding that misdemeanors are more serious than infractions, but not as serious as felonies. However, it is still important to understand the different types of misdemeanors in Oklahoma.  It is…

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