Expunging Juvenile Records

Pardon Different From An Expungement

Expunging Juvenile Records is possible under the law. There are often times people find themselves in terrible situations as a juvenile.  Whether this is due to poor choices or a lack of maturity, it can still have consequences as an adult.  For example, depending on the crimes you are charged with, a juvenile record could enhance your adult charges.  Over 10% of the arrests in Oklahoma each year involve juvenile offenders.  This speaks to the importance of having an expungement of juvenile records.   The process is actually relatively simple.

Expunging Juvenile Records in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Law provides the opportunity for Expunging Juvenile Records under 10 A O.S. § 2-6-109.  Petitioning for an expungement, will remove the record from your background.  However, basic name and notes that you had a charge will be available, just not which charge and why.  To petition for an expungement you must:

  1. Be over 21 years old
  2. Have a clean adult record. This means you cannot have any deferred sentences.
  3. Pay off all your court costs and fines before petitioning.
  4. Have no criminal convictions.

Expungement Process

The process of expungement of juvenile records is fairly clear.  You must first file an application for expungement.  This will likely require proof of residence, employment, and background checks.  Next, you will have a court date set for a hearing.  Before the hearing 30 days notice goes to the DA, OSBI, and Office of Juvenile Affairs.  The court will then weight the harm to your versus the public interest of keeping the records.  If you qualify, you will receive an expungement.

If your records are expunged, then you do not have to include the charges on any application.  This includes for employment, educational institutions, etc.  Further, if the records seals, it can completely obliterate after 10 years.  This is only if it is not unsealed for any reason though.

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Sealing Your Criminal Record

Everyone makes mistakes as teens and adults that could end up in a criminal record.  If you need a juvenile or adult record expunged, then let us know.  The expungment laws in Oklahoma have mad Expunging Juvenile Records a little bit easier. Once the adult or juvenile record is sealed you can answer no to the question have you been convicted of a crime. The advantage a clean criminal record offers you is immeasurable.

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