Aggravated Assault and Battery in Oklahoma


In December of 2016 a man was charged with aggravated assault and battery after attacking his daughter’s basketball coach.  The coach recently dismissed the girl from the competitive team.  Later, her father, wanting to discuss the matter, met with the coach at a convenience store.  This is where the altercation was on video.  The girl’s father kicked the coach multiple times and then punched him, leaving him on the pavement.  This is only one of many examples of aggravated assault.  If you or someone you love faces aggravated assault and battery charges, read more to learn about the possible consequences.

Oklahoma Law:  Aggravated Assault and Battery

Assault and battery becomes aggravated under certain circumstances.  These are under Okl.Stat.tit. 21 §646.  The two main elements that make assault and battery aggravated are: (1) when the victim receives “great bodily harm” such as broken bones, disfigurement, etc. and/or (2) the victim is elderly or unable to protect themselves from an otherwise healthy offender.  Victims that are medical providers, school workers, or police are part of a class with stricter punishments for offenders.  If the victim is a romantic partner or someone living in the home, you likely face domestic abuse charges instead of aggravated assault and battery.


Legal Penalties:  Aggravated Assault

Assault penalties are much harsher if they become “aggravated” or “deadly“.  As a result, these charges are automatically a felony.  The minimum prison sentence is 5 years.  Possible fines may reach $1,000 also.  Further, victims may assert a claim for any restitution for injuries from the attack or any property damaged in the attack.  Because this is a felony charge, you will have a criminal record.  You will lose your rights to own a gun and vote.

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