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Robbery Crimes in OklahomaRobbery Crimes in Oklahoma occur every day. Oklahoma Neighborhood Scout reports over 75,000 Oklahoma robberies in the last year.  It also states 1 in 33 residents will be victim to a property crime at some point within the year.  These numbers are significant and alarming.  Further, many of these crimes will include eye witnesses.  Eye witnesses typically have a high rate of inaccuracy.  For instance, The Innocence Project has overturned nearly 300 cases on DNA evidence.  Of these cases, 73% were solely on inaccurate eye witness testimony.  If you feel you face charges of a robbery due to inaccurate eye witness testimony, read on to understand how we can help you.

The State of Oklahoma Must Prove:

First,  21 Okla. St. Ann. § 791 defines robbery as:  “a wrongful taking of personal property in the possession of another […] against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear.”  The State must show the following in order to prove robbery:

–  wrongful taking of someone else’s personal property

– without permission  of the possessor of the property

–  by using physical force or creating some type of fear

If all of these elements can be shown to be your doing, then it is likely you will be brought up on robbery charges.  Often, eye witness testimony is a crucial part of proving these elements.

Punishment for Oklahoma Robberies:

Oklahoma includes five different categories of robbery in its justice code.  These are: first degree, second degree, conjoint, robbery with a dangerous weapon, and attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon.  No matter what the classification, each charge is a felony if you receive a conviction in court.  Felonies in Oklahoma typically receive rather severe penalties.  Generally they are fines up to $1,000 and/or imprisonment in the state penitentiary.  Even more, a felony conviction on your record may hinder opportunities in employment, housing, custody, etc. For additional information on Oklahoma crimes and their impact see our Tulsa attorney blog.

Let Our Tulsa Lawyers Help You With  Robbery Crimes in Oklahoma:

We understand the inaccuracy of eye witness testimony and the damage it can cause to your future if you are a felon.  Our criminal attorneys want to help you avoid the devastating effects of a felony conviction for Oklahoma robberies.  Call so we can discuss your options.

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