Oklahoma Prescription Drug Possession Crimes

Oklahoma Prescription Drug Possession crimes

Oklahoma Prescription Drug Possession crimes are common in our State. Statistics from a 2016 study show that almost 60% of overdose deaths in the state of Oklahoma are due to abuse of prescription drugs.  These include many painkillers and anti-anxiety pills such as Oxycodone or Xanax.  These habits not only threaten lives, but they can cost you.  Some habits can…

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Defending Rape Charges

Defending Rape Charges requires a strong understanding of potential defenses. In February of 2017 a Tulsa man was convicted of rape by instrumentation and crimes against nature.  During Valentine’s Day, a woman became unconscious at the man’s home.  She awoke to severe pain and later found photos of sexual assault against her involving objects and at one point a dog. …

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Defending Possession of a Firearm After a Felony in Tulsa

Possession of a Firearm after a Felony

Defending Possession of a Firearm After a Felony in Tulsa requires careful preparation by your criminal defense attorney. While the United States Constitution provides the “right to bear arms,” the Oklahoma State Constitution applies further protections.  In Art. II, § 26 the authorities “shall never” prohibit the right to bear arms for defense of person or property.  However, the section…

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Fighting First and Second Degree Burglary in Oklahoma

first and second degree burglary in Oklahoma

Fighting First and Second Degree Burglary in Oklahoma begins with understanding the difference between the two charges. Oftentimes many people believe that the degrees of a crime are not that important.  For instance, someone may not take the idea of first degree burglary much more serious than second degree burglary.  However, there are a few significant differences between first and…

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Tulsa Lawyer Examines Oklahoma Manslaughter Charges

Oklahoma manslaughter charges are very serious and could land an excused person in jail. In January of 2017, a Minnesota man was charged with manslaughter after shooting at trespassers on his property.  The group was casing his house early in the morning for a future burglary attempt.  The owner awoke to the noise and discharged two shots, hitting one of…

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Tulsa Lawyers Explain Robbery Crimes in Oklahoma

Robbery Crimes in Oklahoma occur every day. Oklahoma Neighborhood Scout reports over 75,000 Oklahoma robberies in the last year.  It also states 1 in 33 residents will be victim to a property crime at some point within the year.  These numbers are significant and alarming.  Further, many of these crimes will include eye witnesses.  Eye witnesses typically have a high…

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