Oklahoma Second Degree Murder Explained

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Oklahoma second Degree Murder can be somewhat confusing if you have read the statutes.  This is because there is a fine line between second degree and first degree.  Take for example this second degree murder charge.  An OKC man recently beat the elderly man he was in charge of taking care of in a home healthcare agreement.  The victim suffered Alzheimer’s and needed constant supervision.  The healthcare worker beat the man causing a brain bleed and eventually his death later that afternoon.  Why, you may wonder, is this second degree murder and not first or maybe manslaughter?  This article will explain.

Second Degree Murder Requirements

Oklahoma second degree murder statutes provide the requirements for second degree murder under Title 21 §701.8.  First, you must intentionally murder the person.  Second, you must do so with malice.  However, you do not have to preplan the murder.  If you premeditate the murder it is a first degree offense.  But simply perpetrating the murder with intent to severely harm or kill the victim is a second degree offense.  This means you did not have an intricate plan to carry out a murder that day.

Penalties in Oklahoma

Under Oklahoma law, you will face stringent punishment for second degree murder offenses.  This includes a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison.  However, it is important to remember that is the minimum sentence.  You still face up to life in prison if the court finds that your actions were severe enough to warrant it.


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