Oklahoma Second Degree Murder Explained

Oklahoma Second degree murder

Oklahoma second Degree Murder can be somewhat confusing if you have read the statutes.  This is because there is a fine line between second degree and first degree.  Take for example this second degree murder charge.  An OKC man recently beat the elderly man he was in charge of taking care of in a home healthcare agreement.  The victim suffered…

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Possession of a Stolen Vehicle

Child Pornography

Possession of a Stolen Vehicle in Oklahoma is a crime the Tulsa County district attorneys office hotly pursues. In early June of 2017 an unmarked police vehicle was stolen in South Tulsa.  The vehicle did not have any external markings, but did hold a pepper spray ball, a ballistic shield, and handheld radio.  As of June 9th, the vehicle whereabouts…

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Criminal Defense Attorneys Examine Application to Revoke Probation

drug trafficking

Application to Revoke Probation for a failure to complete your terms and conditions of the criminal sentence puts your personal freedom in danger. Sometimes people convicted of crimes receive a suspended sentence or deferred sentence. However, both type plea agreements require a plea of guilty at the time of sentencing.  Once the plea enters, you are on a probationary period.  This…

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Failure to Pay Fines and Court Costs in Oklahoma

Failure to Pay Fines and Court Costs in Oklahoma is a crime. Its a crime that can land you in jail.  A 2013 Tulsa World article, the editors at Tulsa World discuss the increasing number of people in jail for failure to pay  fines and Court costs in Oklahoma.  The article focuses on a woman who originally had $150 in fines…

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