Deferred and Suspended Criminal Sentencing Explained

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In the world of criminal sentencing the difference between Deferred and Suspended Criminal Sentencing is huge. Our clients often ask us:  What is the difference between deferred sentences and  suspended sentences?  While there are similarities between the two, they are some very important distinctions.  This article explains these differences and helps you know which you prefer during a plea or sentencing.

Oklahoma Deferred Sentences

Oklahoma provides an explanation of deferred sentences in Title 22 under § 991c.  This process seems complex, but it relatively simple once you understand the process.  First, you must enter a “guilty” or “no contest” plea to your charges.  This must be intentional and willingly.  The court will then enter a deferred sentence before accepting your plea.  At this point, judgment delays and you will have a series of things to complete within a certain time period.  If you complete all the items on time, the charges and sentence will expunge from your record when you reappear before the court.

Common items you must complete under a deferred sentence are:

  1. Paying court costs
  2. Imprisonment for 90 days or more
  3. Supervision lasting no longer than 2 years
  4. Compensation to any victims of the crime
  5. Community Service Hours

It is important to note that if you fail to complete any of the assigned tasks for the court, then your plea of “guilty” or “no contest” enters on the record.  This will subject you to the court’s mercy at sentencing.

Oklahoma Suspended Sentences

A suspended sentence has a process very similar to deferred sentences.  You will appear and enter a plea before the judge.  The judge will then suspend the sentence and give you a list of items for completion.  But the similarities end here.  In a suspended sentence, you do not get an automatic expungement of the charges.  This is mainly due to the fact suspended sentences deal with criminal charges and not civil charges.

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