Oklahoma Child Support Modification

Easement Disputes

Oklahoma Child Support Modification is possible but only when there’s a change of conditions since the last order was entered. Often times when people travel through life, their financial circumstances change.  Sometimes this includes job promotions and income increases.  Say for instance, you are part of a divorce and child support payment plan.  If you or your ex-partner receives a promotion that significantly increases income, does that mean that child support modification is viable?

Reasons for Child Support Modification

In Oklahoma, DHS recognizes several grounds to modify existing child support agreements.  These are:

–  Changes in medical support for the child;

–  An accident causing permanent disability to one or the other parent;

–  The child reaches the age of 18; OR

–  There is a job change that significantly alters the income of one or the other parents.

This however, does not always mean child support will increase.  In fact, if the job changes is a demotion, cut in hours or pay, or complete loss of employment then child support could significantly decrease.

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Filing for a Oklahoma Child Support Modification

If you want to apply for a child support modification you can either hire a private attorney, or you can go through a series of steps to complete the process yourself.  If you choose to complete the process without the assistance of an attorney, then you must follow certain steps.

  1. Write up the appropriate court papers.
  2. File the papers with the court clerk of the county in which the child resides.
  3. Wait for a Judge to set a modification hearing OR request a Pro Se Mediation Process
  4. Follow the instructions the court provides at either the hearing or the mediation.

You can find the forms on the Oklahoma DHS site.  Further, you may also request a packet to apply for the Pro Se Mediation.  This is mediation without having a legal representative to advocate for you.  Instead, you will be your own advocate.

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