Child Neglect Crimes in Oklahoma


Child Neglect crimes are considered a form of abuse in Oklahoma. The district attorneys office in Oklahoma are aggressive about prosecuting cases in our state. In 2016 a woman was charged with child neglect crimes after driving under the influence with a two-year-old in the car. When stopped by police, the woman blew a “.17” on a breathalyzer test. Indeed, this is well beyond the legal limit. She was not the parent of the child. Nevertheless, as the driver of the vehicle she was responsible for the child’s safety. As can be seen here, child neglect charges are not limited to parents or guardians. Even babysitters and relatives can be liable for this crime. Without a doubt, these criminal charges carry serious penalties. To learn more about child neglect in Oklahoma, read on. For other legal research, check out our blog.

Oklahoma Child Neglect Crimes

Obviously neglect comes in many forms. A child can be severely mistreated without suffering injuries from physical violence. In Oklahoma, “neglect” means:

  1. the failure or omission to provide any of the following:
    • adequate nurturance and affection, food, clothing, shelter, sanitation, hygiene, or appropriate education,
    • medical, dental, or behavioral health care,
    • supervision or appropriate caretakers, or
    • special care made necessary by the physical or mental condition of the child,
  2. the failure or omission to protect a child from exposure to any of the following:
    • the use, possession, sale, or manufacture of illegal drugs,
    • illegal activities, or
    • sexual acts or materials that are not age-appropriate, or
  3. abandonment.

Penalties for Child Neglect

If you are convicted for engaging in child neglect, you can be punished by both fine and imprisonment. Consider the following punishments pursuant to 21 § 843.5:

  • imprisonment in the custody of the Department of Corrections not exceeding life imprisonment, or by
  • imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding 1 year
  • a minimum fine of $500.00 or a maximum fine of $5,000.00, or
  • both such fine and imprisonment.

Do not panic from reading these punishments because there is still hope. An experienced criminal or family lawyer can help you defend against these charges. By all means, err on the side of caution and speak to a lawyer before answering the police.

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