If I Have An Accident With An Amazon Truck, Can I Sue The Company?

Double Indemnity Insurance

If you’ve been injured in an Oklahoma accident with an Amazon truck you may be entitled to damages from the company. Almost anywhere you turn on the streets of Tulsa or other Oklahoma cities, you’ll see an Amazon or other types of delivery trucks on the way to drop off packages at homes and businesses all over town. With the…

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Who Is At Fault In A Rear-End Car Accident In Oklahoma?

Uninsured Motorist Coverage In Oklahoma

If you were involved in a rear-end car accident in Oklahoma, you might assume that the driver in the back will automatically be held responsible for the damage, regardless of the circumstances. However, this common belief is not completely accurate. Here is some information on the factors that may be considered when determining liability for a rear-end car accident in…

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Can I Recover For Soft Tissue Injuries at Work in Oklahoma

Soft Tissue Injuries at work are very common workplace injuries in Oklahoma.  However, they are much more difficult to prove for purposes of receiving Workers Comp payments. The reason people have trouble getting workman’s comp payment is generally due to the inability to know exactly when the injury happened.  As a result, some people cannot report the injury until much…

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Truck Accident Attorney in Tulsa Oklahoma

Our truck accident attorney in Tulsa Oklahoma knows about all types of Truck and car accidents. Vehicle accidents occur frequently on the Oklahoma roads, which is no secret. What you might not know is that many of those accidents are caused by employees driving company vehicles, which significantly affects who is legally responsible for injuries that result from these accidents….

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Birth Injuries and Negligence Laws

Birth Injuries

Many Oklahomans know of the legendary musician Leon Russell from Lawton.  But, what many do not know, is that Leon Russell was the victim of a birth injury that left his right side partially paralyzed.  While Leon Russell overcame his birth injury to become a famous artist, some people never overcome their birth injuries.  As a result, these victims will…

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Knee Injuries Caused at Work

Knee Injuries Caused at Work are covered by your employers workers compensation insurance. Knee Injuries are an extremely common injury in the workplace.  This is even more true if your job is of a physical nature such as construction, fire fighting, EMS, etc.  Knee injuries generally average to a total cost of $20,000 once all medical expenses and recovery is…

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Injury Accidents in Parking Lots

 Injury accidents in parking lots are common types of accidents. Many people naturally dread parking lots, decks, and garages. Parking spots are all around dangerous places to be, for you and your vehicle. Our personal injury attorneys are prepared to handle all types of injury accidents in parking lots.  For example, we offer consultations for injury accidents in parking lots including slip and…

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