Defining Oklahoma Emergency Custody Orders

Oklahoma Emergency Custody Orders are designed to protect children from an immediate risk of harm. In Oklahoma, thousands of Emergency Orders are issued each year. Most are issued on good valid facts while in some other cases they may be issued on a more dubious basis. A Ponca City woman recently faced arrest and emergency child custody loss.  She faces…

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Child Visitation With Non-Traditional Work Schedules

Child visitation with Non-Traditional work schedules in Tulsa family court is a common issue. Work schedules often determine parenting plans. The visitation schedule must work around the work schedules for the parents to be able to spend time with their child. However, with work schedules that change or that are non-traditional, this can get a little more complicated. The reality…

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Relocating With Your Child after Oklahoma Divorce

Spouse Refuses To Sign The Divorce

Relocating With Your Child after Oklahoma Divorce is possible but requires that you do certain things first. Often times, Oklahoma parents will have the opportunity to leave the state for many reasons.  This could be better employment, closeness to out of state family, or other pressing reasons.  However, having a custody and visitation agreement make things more complex.  This is…

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Oklahoma Child Support Modification

Wage Garnishment Options

Oklahoma Child Support Modification is possible but only when there’s a change of conditions since the last order was entered. Often times when people travel through life, their financial circumstances change.  Sometimes this includes job promotions and income increases.  Say for instance, you are part of a divorce and child support payment plan.  If you or your ex-partner receives a…

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Enforcing Child Custody and Visitation

Child Custody Laws

Enforcing Child Custody and Visitation in Family Court is very common. It’s unfortunate but sometimes parents in a divorce or a custody case refuse to get along even after a final decree.  It is especially terrible when one parent uses a minor child as a bargaining chip to get what they want.  Reasons can be as simple as getting into…

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