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Application to Revoke Probation for a failure to complete your terms and conditions of the criminal sentence puts your personal freedom in danger. Sometimes people convicted of crimes receive a suspended sentence or deferred sentence. However, both type plea agreements require a plea of guilty at the time of sentencing.  Once the plea enters, you are on a probationary period.  This is a time frame set up by the court in which you must complete a series of tasks.  Upon completing these tasks, you are free to go.  If you do not finish all of the terms of the plea deal, then you face an application to revoke.

Application to Revoke Probation: What It Is

An application to revoke requires a District Attorney to file it.  Thus, the application is a document stating the court ordered tasks were not complete in the time given.  This provides evidence proving you failed to satisfy the court’s demands.  The District Attorney will file the application in the same court you receive your sentence.  In sum, revoking probation is a declaration that you violated the terms and thus are facing either a full or partial revocation of the sentence.  If the application does not file, then the court cannot take legal action.

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Application to Revoke Probation:  The Process

Often the process to secure an application to revoke probation is time consuming.  After the District Attorney files the documentation, a judge must review the application.  The judge then determines if the application is valid and in good faith (Ok. Stat. Tit. 22 Sec. 991(b) )  If it is, then a hearing sets and a warrant issues. Once you turn yourself in or authorities pick you up on the warrant you will enter a plea of not guilty and waive 20.  At the application to revoke probation hearing you must prove that you completed each and every requirement of probation. If the court judges that you have not completed the assignments, then you may face revocation in full  or in part. As an example, if the Court orders a full revocation, and the plea deal was 2 years suspended sentence, you could be facing the full two years in prison.

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