Prescription Fraud Charges in Tulsa


Prescription Fraud Charges in Tulsa

Prescription Fraud Charges in Tulsa are more common then many people realize.  August of 2016, the lead dentist of Signature Smiles in Tulsa received charges for murder.  During the investigation, Tulsa Police officers also discovered several possible criminal activities by Franklin’s employees, including prescription fraud.  For example, one of the firms dental assistants is under investigation for forging narcotic prescriptions and other prescription fraud charges in Tulsa.  The accused allegedly stole thousands of dollars in hydrocodone and Ultram.  Further, the Dental assistant is also under investigation for forging prescriptions from another dental clinic as well.  She is now facing felony charges and severe fines.  If you or a loved one has found themselves in a situation facing charges of prescription forging read on to see how our attorneys can help.

Oklahoma Laws and Prescription Fraud

In Oklahoma, prescription fraud is illegal under the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act.  This prohibits the use of “fraud, deceit” or “misrepresentation” by a false name to obtain prescription drugs.  For instance, if a person uses the name of a family member–unbeknownst to that family member–to obtain drugs, that is considered obtaining prescription by fra

Oklahoma laws also require a person changing pharmacies to notify the new pharmacy of any prescriptions from the last 30 days.  People will sometimes engage in “pharmacy shopping” which is the simultaneous use of multiple pharmacies.  Thus, Oklahoma’s disclosure requirements aim to prevent this type of fraud.

Penalties for Prescription Fraud

The penalties regarding prescription fraud in Oklahoma have felony status.  This
is 63 Okl.St.Ann. §2-407.1(D-E), a part of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act.  Prescription fraud felonies may receive a jail sentence reaching 10 years and a fine of $10,000 for a first conviction.  Further, second offenses have stronger consequences.  These include jail sentences up to 20 years and a doubled fine amount.  As a result, this could reach $20,000.  A second conviction is not eligible for probation or to suspend sentencing.

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We Defend Prescription Fraud Charges in Tulsa:

At Kania Law Office our Tulsa attorneys take a judgment-free approach to working on your case.  We understand that nobody aspires to a life of prescription fraud and often times this is where circumstances have brought you.  So, let us help you out of a tough situation.  Our Oklahoma attorneys have the skill and expertise you need.  Call us for a free consultation or read our criminal lawyers blog about Prescription Fraud Charges in Tulsa.


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