Top Reasons Why Marriages Fail


Sadly Divorce in Oklahoma has become commonplace.  A divorce occurs somewhere across the country approximately every 13 seconds.  This equatesTulsa family attorneys to over 6,500 divorces each day and 46,000 every week.  Over 50% of all first marriages will end in divorce, and the divorce rate climbs to 65% for all second marriages.  Those between the ages of 25 and 39 are most likely to obtain a divorce.  The average age for a first divorce is just 30 years old. For a free advice regarding Oklahoma divorce call our Tulsa family attorneys today.

Top 10 List of Reasons For Divorce:

As a look at these statistics demonstrates, nearly everyone has been affected by divorce, whether it was their own or that of a family member or friend.  To this end, we offer the following list of the top 10 reasons why marriages end in divorce in an attempt to help enlighten the causes of divorce.

  1. Finances: Money is generally cited as the number one cause of divorce in America.  It is not money itself that causes couples to divorce; rather, it is the lack of compatibility in the financial arena that leads to divorce.  Constant disagreements over spending, a lack of adequate funds, and dissension over investments are all common topics that lead to arguments in the marriage and possibly divorce.
  2. Lack of communication: Any successful relationship requires the sharing of thoughts, feelings, and opinions.  It also requires engage and active listening.  Couples who divorce often lack vital communication skills.  Unable to communicate effectively, spouses cannot solve their marital problems and divorce may be the outcome when these problems continue to fester.
  3. Not enough commitment: Couples will often point to a lack of commitment to the relationship as a reason for divorce.  Marriages take work and nurturing to succeed, which spouses may forget as the years pass.
  4. Unmet expectations: Both spouses enter into a marriage with sex expectations.  When these expectations remain unmet, strain can occur in the relationship.  It can be helpful to discuss expectations before marriage in order to avoid this pitfall.
  5. Child rearing disagreements: Adding children to the marriage can put stress and strain on a relationship.  Arguments over parenting responsibilities and decisions can lead to serious marital problems.
  6. Religious and cultural issues: Religious beliefs and cultural values can lead to conflicts, especially when these beliefs impact a spouse’s lifestyle or parenting choices.
  7. Infidelity: When a spouse steps outside of the boundaries and violates rules that were mutually agreed upon or cheats on the other spouse, this will often lead to divorce.  Infidelity can be extremely painful for those who experience it and will often signify the end of the marriage.
  8. Boredom: After several years together, couples sometimes become bored with one another or their mutual lifestyle.  Divorcing spouses sometimes report feeling stuck in a rut.  To avoid marriage boredom, couples should engage in new activities and experiences together.
  9. Emotional, physical, or psychological abuse: Abuse can come in many varieties.  It can consist of controlling behavior, ignoring, name calling, or criticizing, along with physical forms of abuse. Anyone in an abusive relationship should seek professional assistance immediately.

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