Failure to Pay Fines and Court Costs in Oklahoma


Failure to Pay Fines and Court Costs in Oklahoma is a crime. Its a crime that can land you in jail.  A 2013 Tulsa World article, the editors at Tulsa World discuss the increasing number of Failure to Pay Fines and Court Costs in Oklahomapeople in jail for failure to pay  fines and Court costs in Oklahoma.  The article focuses on a woman who originally had $150 in fines due to a misdemeanor charge.  After her failure to pay, and not arriving to her court date to ask for an extension, the judge issued a bench warrant.  After fines, interest, and extra fees for warrants the woman was over $520 in debt to the court.  She was eventually jailed for two weeks, simply because she could not pay her fines.  However, things could have been different.  Had she simply followed the Rules of Criminal Procedure and asked for an extension on her payment time.

Rules Failure to Pay Fines and Court Costs in Oklahoma:

Under Oklahoma Law, Criminal Procedure Title 22 Ch. 18 § 8 sets out the rules for paying court costs:
Rule 8.2—If your failure to pay fines and costs is willful, you may face prison immediately.

Rule 8.4—You may request an extension if you are having difficulties paying.  The court can choose to give you an extension or reject an extension and immediately incarcerate you.

Rule 8.5—If you are unable to pay due to disability or poverty, then costs may be dismissed or the court will ask you to return at a later date in order to check to see if circumstances have changed and you are now able to pay.

Rule 8.6—If you fail to appear to request an extension, then you may immediately go to jail.  Similarly, if you willfully do not pay your court costs or fines, then you are also subject to immediate incarceration.

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