What Are The Different Degrees Of Arson in Oklahoma?

Different Degrees Of Arson

There are different degrees of arson in Oklahoma. The degree a person is charged with has a big impact on potential jail time if any. Setting fire to a building or structure in Oklahoma can land you a criminal charge called arson. Even if you own the property, you could be convicted. If you have been arrested and charged with…

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Are Hit And Run Crimes Serious In Oklahoma?

statute of limitations for car accidents

Hit and run crimes  in Oklahoma are serious. The severity of the crime depends on several different factors. Under Oklahoma law, leaving the scene of an accident, which is often called a “hit and run”, is at minimum a misdemeanor. Anytime you are involved in a crash where your car hits another car, an object alongside the road, or a…

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What is The Impact of a Prior Felony Conviction in Tulsa

The impact of a prior felony conviction depends on several factors. If you have been charged with a felony, you may wonder whether your prior convictions and charges will impact your current case. Is there going to be a worse punishment or will the prior conviction result in the charge being bumped up to a felony? You may also wonder…

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Kidnapping Criminal Charges in Tulsa County

kidnapping criminal charges

Kidnapping criminal charges are filed as a felony in Oklahoma.  Most people think of famous cases like Elizabeth Smart or the three girls in Ohio who recently escaped.  However, these are extraordinary cases involving kidnapping criminal charges.  The crime often times will be from an estranged or ex-spouse taking a child.  Other forms are often holding a person against their…

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