Oklahoma Prescription Drug Possession Crimes

Oklahoma Prescription Drug Possession crimes

Oklahoma Prescription Drug Possession crimes are common in our State. Statistics from a 2016 study show that almost 60% of overdose deaths in the state of Oklahoma are due to abuse of prescription drugs.  These include many painkillers and anti-anxiety pills such as Oxycodone or Xanax.  These habits not only threaten lives, but they can cost you.  Some habits can be as much as $500 per day just to keep from withdrawal.  This is a significant issue for many Oklahomans, which can have real legal consequences.

Prescription Drug Possession and Use:  The Laws

You can find Oklahoma’s drug laws under Title 63 of the state statutes.  This is the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act.  It provides “schedules” to categorize the degree of danger for certain substances.  Prescriptions pills generally fall into Schedule 2.  The main characteristic of these drugs is that they either stimulate or depress the nervous system.

Because of the dangerous nature of prescription drugs, pharmacies generally have a set of rules to follow regarding them.  First, the prescription must be valid.  This means that the doctor must prescribe them knowingly and willingly.  Second, once the prescription arrives at the pharmacy, pharmacy technicians must double check the dosage and patient name.  Some pharmacies will check with other pharmacies at this point to make sure the patient is not pharmacy shopping.

Possession of Prescription Drug:  Legal Penalties

Oklahoma has some very strict drug laws.  Almost all drug possession crimes are a misdemeanor offense, unless the authorities also suspectOklahoma Prescription Drug Possession intent to distribute or drug trafficking.  This crime, while permanently on your record, also comes with a possible prison sentence of 1 year.  However, if the crime is enhanced to trafficking or intent to distribute its a felony.  Further, you will face fines and Court Costs.  These can be anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 depending on the amount of prescription drugs you possess.

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