Oklahoma Prescription Drug Possession Crimes

Oklahoma Prescription Drug Possession crimes

Oklahoma Prescription Drug Possession crimes are common in our State. Statistics from a 2016 study show that almost 60% of overdose deaths in the state of Oklahoma are due to abuse of prescription drugs.  These include many painkillers and anti-anxiety pills such as Oxycodone or Xanax.  These habits not only threaten lives, but they can cost you.  Some habits can…

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Prescription Fraud Charges in Tulsa

Prescription Fraud Charges in Tulsa are more common then many people realize.  August of 2016, the lead dentist of Signature Smiles in Tulsa received charges for murder.  During the investigation, Tulsa Police officers also discovered several possible criminal activities by Franklin’s employees, including prescription fraud.  For example, one of the firms dental assistants is under investigation for forging narcotic prescriptions…

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Oklahoma Drug Crimes

Oklahoma drug crimes are a serious matter, punishable by years in prison, substantial fines, and the potential for a felony record.  In addition, Oklahoma Drug crimes can be defined to include any criminal activity that involves an illegal controlled substance. If you’ve been accused of a drug crime in Oklahoma or fear you soon will be, you need to retain the…

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