Special Considerations When Doctors Divorce in Oklahoma

The process of getting a divorce can be difficult no matter who the parties are. With long hours and the extra burden that can be a part the job, doctors can be particularly vulnerable to their marriages falling apart. Because many doctors are high-income earners and some have their own private practice, a divorce involving one or more doctors can…

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What is a Premarital Agreement in Oklahoma

Premarital Agreement

A Premarital Agreement in Oklahoma is more common than many people think and its understandable. You are in love. You’re happy. You’re on cloud nine. After all, you’ve just said “Yes” to one of the biggest questions of your life: will you marry me. Naturally, the first thing you want to do is pick out a wedding dress. Yet, it…

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The Difference Between Post And Pre-Nuptial Agreements in Oklahoma

Inheritance Part of a Divorce Settlement

Post And Pre-Nuptial Agreements in Oklahoma are really just contracts between a married couple. Marriage is often looked at as a sacred covenant between two people that are in love. Few newlyweds anticipate it ending in a divorce. Still, a growing number of people are preparing for the worst-case scenario and are looking for ways to protect their assets in…

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