Is There Special Age Considerations For Child Visitation?

Establish Paternity In Oklahoma

Special age considerations for child visitation orders in Oklahoma exist but depend on many different factors. If you are a noncustodial parent, visitation and custody is a crucial part of maintaining your relationship with your children. In establishing your rights to visitation and custody the age of your minor child may affect these valuable visitation rights? Best Interests Of The…

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What Is The Best Custody Arrangement In Oklahoma?

Best Custody Arrangement

The best custody arrangement In Oklahoma depends on the particular situation and facts of your case. Going through a separation or divorce can come with many logistical and emotional challenges. If there are children involved, it can be even more difficult. There can be many factors in deciding on a plan for custody and visitation. At the center of custody…

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Guide To Child Custody Laws In Oklahoma – A Lawyer Explores The Basic

Child custody laws in Oklahoma expect certain things from a Childs parents. If you and your child’s other parent are splitting up, you likely have many concerns about how your child’s custody will be determined. You may be worried that a judge will make decisions about child custody that aren’t in your child’s best interests. Thankfully, most child custody cases…

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Some Reasons Parents Lose Custody In a Tulsa Child Custody Dispute

Reasons parents lose custody In custody disputes are wide ranging. Most involve best interest of the child arguments and seriously impact final decisions. The time that you have with your children is invaluable. If you are like most parents, there is nothing that you would not do to protect your right to see them. Unfortunately, having to share that time…

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The Purpose Of Mediation In Child Custody and Divorce In Oklahoma

Mediation In Child Custody

Mediation In Child Custody and Divorce or paternity In Oklahoma is designed to settle your case without a trial. An unfortunate reality of having kids or marriage is the possibility of it ending in a dispute. If your marriage ends or you have a child custody disputes, your entire life can be flipped upside down. The emotions and feelings that…

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Temporary Custody Orders in Tulsa

Temporary Custody Orders in a custody case mark the first custody leading up to a final order. If you and your spouse are heading down divorce or paternity lane, and you have children together, then you’ll have to work out a child custody arrangement. While most parents have plenty of time to figure out child custody – some need arrangements…

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Child Custody Decisions in Tulsa Family Court

Child Custody Decisions in Tulsa Family Court are based on the best interest of the child. Although this seems obvious getting to the best interest of the child is hotly disputed. Whether the parents are married to each other or not who gets custody is often fought over. Our family law attorneys have done thousands of custody cases in Oklahoma…

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