Domestic Assault Charges in Oklahoma What To Expect

Domestic assault charges in Oklahoma are extremely serious, and can have life-altering legal consequences. Depending on the circumstances the crime is charged as felony or misdemeanor. Domestic assault and battery cases are frequently charged crimes. In fact during the pandemic, while we’ve been limited on where we can go, the number of cases has soared. If you have been arrested…

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Explaining Assault and Battery With a Deadly Weapon in Oklahoma

assault and battery with a deadly weapon

Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon is a serious offense in Oklahoma. Although assault and battery are two distinct crimes, they are commonly charged as a single crime. A person may be guilty of assault and battery as a single crime when an assault culminates in a battery. Oklahoma has outlined different kinds of assault and battery crimes within…

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Assault and Battery on a Police Officer

Battery on a Police Officer

Assault and Battery on a Police Officer is a crime the District Attorneys often use as a tool to put people in prison. Assault and battery upon Police officers includes any attempt to reach for or gain control of the firearm of any police officer. This includes deputy sheriff, state police, jail or prison employees, or any peace officer employed…

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